Brainstorming:10th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

The 10th anniversary – pressure is on!

The 10th anniversary is an exciting time for any couple and choosing the right gift for her is very important.  However simple or extravagant it is, as long as it is romantic and something that would make a girl feel special, then it would be the key to a perfect 10th anniversary gift.

So, if you are not the type to write her a romantic poem, come up with something that will make your wife or girlfriend feel appreciated.  Give her gifts that will make her feel special and beautiful because women love looking good for their men.

Here are some 10th anniversary gift ideas for her that will definitely sweep her off her feet:

Gift for Her

Gift for Her


Tin or Aluminum Gifts

The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin or aluminum so if you prefer to go this way then you can give her items made of tin or aluminum.  Such gifts include antique tin toys or a beautiful tin jewelry. Aluminum gifts for her may be aluminum kitchen gadgets or aluminum cookware.

Diamond Jewelry

This is a modern gift for the 10th anniversary and this being a woman’s best friend is the best gift for any woman. You can either give her a diamond pendant, a diamond necklace, a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond ring.


Women love perfumes. They are always on a look out for a new perfume in the market, so why don’t you buy her the latest perfume and surprise her with a new scent.

A Fashionable Dress

Women love dresses, and whatever the occasion is, getting a new one always makes them happy. You could give her a beautiful party dress on the 10th anniversary with a matching handbag to go with it. Otherwise you could gift her a cardigan or a jacket too.

Make-Up Box

This is another gift which a fashion conscious woman would love. You can give her a complete make-up box, a spa kit or a manicure-pedicure kit.  Anything to make them feel extra beautiful is a plus for women.

A Kindle Fire

If she loves to read and her room is full of different books then this is a nice 10th anniversary gift for her. You can download her favorite books in it and also some that may catch her interest. Not only will she be able to read books here, but also she will be able to watch videos and download apps.

Speaker Dock for a Smartphone

If she already has a Smartphone and loves listening to music then a speaker dock for a Smartphone can be the perfect 10th anniversary gift for her. With it, you will be able spend some quality time while listening to music together.

Personalized Doctor / Dentist Ornament

You can give a personalized doctor / dentist ornament if she is a doctor or a dentist. The finely crafted and hand printed ornament can also be personalized with her name. If you want to gift her something different and has a personal touch to it then this is perfect for her.

A Hairstylist Fashion Charm Bracelet

If she’s a hairstylist then you can give her a hairstylist fashion charm bracelet. This bracelet is plated in silver with shimmering crystals in between and sculpted charms of stylist’s tools. This is a stylish accessory that she will simply love.

Mop Slippers

This is a unique gift for a wife or girlfriend who loves cleaning the house.  These are cool and comfortable slippers which can be slipped on easily and used for cleaning floors.

Drinking Hat

This one’s a crazy gift for her, it keeps her hands free for other important things. With it she can enjoy her favorite drink while keeping her hands absolutely free. This attention grabbing and funny gift will certainly give her a good laugh.

You can go for the traditional gifts or you can be creative and go for something unique or even something funny that will make your 10th anniversary memorable.  Just a simple note to remember, the key to a girl’s approval is to make her feel appreciated and special.