Brainstorming:10th Anniversary Gift For Him

If you are thinking of what to give him on the 10th anniversary then here are some great ideas to look into:

Tin or Aluminum Gifts

Tin and Aluminum are the traditional 10th anniversary gifts and there are a lot of items made of these that you could give him.  Some examples are tin martini shakers or a tin bucket filled with his favorite things like books, DVDs, snacks, etc. You can also gift him an aluminum briefcase or an aluminum fishing rod if he loves fishing. Other aluminum gifts can include hockey sticks or a baseball bat if he is a sports enthusiast.

Diamond Gifts

You can give him a silver cufflinks with diamonds, a silver band with diamonds on it or a wrist watch with diamonds. This can be a royal gift for him if you are willing to spend more.

Desk Lamp

If he is a hard working man who brings his work at home then a desk lamp is a right gift for him.  Not only will this help him do his work better but it will also remind him of you each time he sees the lamp.

Video Games

Men love video games and this can be a wonderful gift for him on your 10th anniversary. Surprise him with a collection of the latest video games and tell him that you appreciate the things he loves to do. Make the day of your anniversary more special by playing video games together.

Car Interior Accessories

If he has a car then you can give him interior car accessories that he will surely love.  You can give him a set of car seat covers, seat protector mats, LED interior lighting kit, speakers, subwoofers and even car tools.

A Personalized Leather Portfolio

You can give him an executive leather portfolio and have it personalized with his name in gold letters. This will look great in his business presentations or at a job interview.

A Lawyer Personalized Paperweight

If he is a lawyer or an attorney then you can gift him a lawyer’s keepsake paperweight with his name on it. This keepsake will inspire him on the difficult days and will also remind him of you every time he sees it.

Extra Large Coffee Cup

Have some fun by giving him this crazy 10th anniversary gift. If he is a coffee addict then he will surely love having this giant coffee cup. Made of porcelain, the extra large coffee cup can hold 20 cups of coffee. This giant coffee cup is perfect for office or home and can also be used as a funny party snack serving bowl.

Buying a gift for your man can be very challenging because most guys already have what they need while some are not at all vocal about things they want to have.  But knowing how to tailor fit a gift to your man’s personality, interest and hobbies will be your key to finding the right gift for him.  Pay attention to what he likes doing best and you can never go wrong in choosing the right 10th anniversary gift for him.  Happy shopping!