4 Best Places To Find Jobs Online

The outsourcing sites facilitate and make the process of hiring remote or virtual workers easier. Most of the outsourcing sites have their own approach but essentially they are all the same. These sites help you to post job descriptions, where people can bid on the work, prices can be negotiated and then settle a rate after looking at the previous work history and ratings. Mostly, these websites hold the money and release the worker’s payments after the work is completed. Here are some of the most utilized outsourcing sites.



This is a totally professional website where you can choose freelancers from a large number of workers, and hire them by project basis or by the hour. Work progress can be tracked, viewed and managed in the ‘Workroom’. Also, it has a feature that enables you to Invite co-workers and join your Workroom when needed.

To set up an employee account you will have to pay a onetime fee of $10 for account activation. The service providers do not have to pay to get listed in Elance, they can place some bids free of cost but if they want to bid more you have to purchase premium packages of bids. The most popular and in-demand jobs in this site are web and mobile programming, article writing, HTML programming and graphic design.



It has currently more than 3 million registered freelancers and has No.1 market rank by annual earnings by freelancers. You have to pay only for the verified time that has been spent working. The ‘Team Room’ feature in oDesk allows you see the activity levels of the team members, feedbacks and screenshots of their work progress.

Payment is made on the basis of worked hours, or completed works. oDesk is one of the best options for work where payments are made by the hour.

The site supports areas of expertise in web development, programming or software development, writing and graphic design.



In this outsourcing website, after a worker is hired, you have to make payment milestones, and payment is released when milestones are completed.

It posts work ranging from IT and Software, Websites, Writing and Content, Mobile Phones and Computing, Design, Media and Architecture, etc. is good for project based work. It is easy to use and is suitable for smaller jobs, where the cost of an average job is under $200, making it suitable for small businesses.



This website pays for completed work and membership fee ranges from $29.95 to $99.95 per quarter. If you are looking for providers that are based in U.S., it is one of the best websites to look into.  It specializes in work ranging from computer and mobile technology to designing, writing and business development, etc.

All these outsourcing sites are quite good and if you are looking for freelance jobs, then these are some of the best places where you can find work according to your preference.