8 Unique Bridal Shower Theme Ideas You Would Love!

Sometimes we feel that bridal showers require work as much as the wedding, and if you are hosting it, then you have to use some great bridal shower theme ideas to make it a success. For a great bridal shower theme you have to give attention to the details and make the party creative and chic.

Some Bridal Shower themes for you:

1. Chocolate Party

We know every girl loves chocolate. So have a chocolate themed bridal shower where you can have a tasting session of chocolates. Arrange various types of chocolates nicely on plates and ask the guests to taste and guess the darkest, mildest and the strongest ones. Have a menu where chocolates are used in the different foods. Guests can bring gifts like tools for chocolate candy making or baking.

Chocolate Party

2. Kitchen Themed Shower

Guests can be asked to make a dish together like baking cakes, decorating cupcakes or making sushi, croissants, etc. Otherwise, a personal chef can be hired to come to the house and cook or have a cooking class. Guests can bring things for the couple to stock up their kitchen like, cooking utensils, kitchen linens, recipe books, spices or other food items which are non-perishable.

Kithcen Theme

3. Spa Bridal Shower

The house can be decorated to look like a spa by putting out a number of clean, white and fluffy towels. Some relaxing music can be turned on and products like different colors of nail polish, lotions, foot soaks and foot masks can be arranged. Put out some pillows for lounging and ask the guests to dress in pajamas or other comfortable clothes. A pedicurist/manicurist can be hired to give the guests a manicure or a pedicure.

Spa Bridal Shower

4. Music Shower

You can either rent a karaoke bar’s private room or rent a karaoke machine for this bridal shower. Otherwise you can also have this shower outdoors at a concert. Guests can bring their favorite music CDs or make mix CDs for the couple.

Music Theme Shower

5. Wine Tasting Shower

 This can be arranged at someone’s house or at the bride/groom’s favorite winery. Guests can taste an assortment of different kinds of wine and also bring wine themed gifts. Silver wine stoppers can be gifted to the guests in return.

Wine Tasting Bridal Shower

6. Garden Party

 This shower can be held outdoor, either in daylight or in the evening by candlelight. Tables can be decorated with potted mint plants or fresh flowers. Guests can bring various tools which can be used in the garden by the bride.

Garden Party Bridal Shower

7. Holiday Shower

While sending out the invitations, each guests can be assigned a holiday. Each of them will bring a gift related to the holiday, which the couple will be able to celebrate throughout the year.

8. Room of House

Each of the guests can be assigned a room for which they have to bring the gifts. Later, the guests can be assembled near the fire place or in candle light and the bride’s favorite food served.

Follow one of the above ideas and host a perfect bridal shower which will become one of the most memorable moments for the bride.