8 Baby Girl First Birthday Theme Ideas

TL;DR – 8 Baby Girl Birthday Theme Ideas

1) Princess Party – Who doesn’t like being a princess?

2) Balloons Party – Make it bubbly!

3) Butterfly Party – Kids would like the butterfly wings!

4) Minnie Mouse Party – If your baby girl likes Mickey and Minnie, this is a great idea.

5) Ladybugs Party – A spin off version for butterfly party.

6) Garden Fairy Party – Ideal for spring days

7) Castle Themed Party – Make a castle cake and make it unforgettable!

8) Kitty Themed Party – Who doesn’t like Hello Kitty?

The first birthday of your baby girl is very special and this event will require planning. Choosing the perfect 1st birthday party themes for this event will help you coordinate the party decorations and arrangements in an organized manner.

Here are a number of great theme ideas for your girl’s first birthday party:

1. Princess Party

You can dress your little daughter in a beautiful dress looking like the gown of a princess. Instead of a tiara, you can fit a barrette or an elastic headband with silver ornaments on her hair. For lunch you can serve veggies and sandwiches, while for desserts, pink cupcakes or strawberry ice-cream sundaes.

Princess Party


2. Balloons Party

Set up your house with a number of colored balloons. You can attach stripes and crepe paper circles to these balloons or make fun shapes and dots on them using paper punches. Give the little kids colorful balloons as return gifts. You can also attach a round name tag to the balloons and some bubbles to their strings.

Balloon party for baby


3. Butterfly Party

Decorate your house by incorporating butterflies in the decorations. Use butterfly as a theme on the cake and other party supplies. You can also attach on the back of your baby girl, a pair of cute butterfly wings. Arrange gift bag kits of origami butterflies to give as favor to the kids.



4. Minnie Mouse Party

Dress up your girl in a Minnie Mouse costume of pink color and attach a Minnie Mouse bow to her hair. Serve Minnie Mouse like cupcakes to your guests or you can have the birthday cake in the shape of Minnie Mouse.



5. Ladybugs Party Theme

Use the color scheme of red, black and white in your party and introduce the guests to the theme. Have a pretty ladybug cake or you can also serve ladybug cupcakes as a dessert. Also, arrange for red and black balloons to be put up around the house. As favors give the guests, candies made of black, red and white M&Ms.

Ladybugs Party Theme


6. Garden Fairy Party

Create this party theme by designing floating fairies, butterflies and garden flowers in shades of lavender, pink and yellow around the house. Attach a pair of cute fairy wings on your little one’s back and also make her hold a wand if possible.



7. Castle Themed Party

You can make your own castle with different sized boxes, cardboard, strings and paintings, or buy a castle set in shades of yellow, pink or lavender, etc. Also, you can have matching tableware, plates, cups and napkins. Dress up your daughter as the queen of the castle.

Castle Themed Party

Castle Themed Party


8. Kitty Themed Party

Use kitty themed tablecloths, table covers, plates, cups and napkins. Hang balloons adorned with kitty paws around the house. You can also make large and colorful cutouts of cat’s paw prints and lay them down on the floor around the house.

Kitty Themed Party


Once you choose one of the above themes, it will be quite easy to arrange the party accordingly. So, go ahead and have a memorable first birthday party of your daughter.