Best Compact DSLR Camera Worth Investing In

The good old “proper” camera as some like to call it, the DSLR camera has essentially withstood the test of time in the camera industry. DSLR cameras are versatile and highly effective and provide you with a sense of reliability and durability that will last and last.

DSLR cameras are seen as the cheapest way to get into proper photography and are built to be reliable; some of the top brands even have a shutter life of up to 400,000 exposures. DSLR’s are also known for using interchangeable lenses so that you can choose what type of view you’d like to capture.

The problem however is that with a market stocked full of some excellent and some not-quite-there DSLR cameras, it can be hard to spot a great one simply by browsing the web.

Best Compact DSLR Camera You Should Consider Buying

We’ve come up with a list of the top performing DSLR cameras that are built to last, take great quality shots and will have you happily snapping away and capturing all those priceless moments in life. Have a look at our best picks:

1. Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300


Essentially the D3300 is the latest entry model into the Nikon range and if you want to go bigger and better within the photography world but don’t have plenty of cash to invest then this camera is your best go to tool. It has a great function that literally helps you to create the images you want to capture.

It works with visual cues and helps you understand how to achieve the best image quality. If you don’t want the guidance, there’s always the auto function which sets the exposure and does the focusing for you and really does a great job at it.

You get great quality images with the 24MP sensor and you can rest assured that this is a very good life changing investment, well worth making.

2. Canon EOS 1200D

Canon EOS 1200D



The EOS 1200D is an affordable viewfinder based DSLR that has all the latest and greatest image quality. Don’t be put off by the “just” 18MP sensor; it still delivers a high definition quality punch and ensures your pictures are shot in high definition with the ability to take larger field photos and then crop into them later.

It also comes with a “how-to” companion but it’s not on-screen like that of the Nikon we talked about earlier. The Canon is a safe, reliable and durable camera that will get you far beyond what you might have initially planned.

3. Canon EOS 100D (EOS SL1)

Canon EOS 100D (EOS SL1)



This is about the smallest size DSLR cameras come in and probably an excellent reason for buying it, it just isn’t as big and bulky as other DSLR cameras. It might be mini in size but there’s nothing mini about its performance and output.

It has a 18MP sensor that packs a punch when it comes to capturing high definition images. It’s small, compact and very affordable. It’s a great choice for any beginner in the world of photography.

4. Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D



This is by far the best mid-level DSLR out there. It’s a great all-rounder and does exceptionally well with still image capturing and recording videos. The auto focus is much better than one would expect, the dual AF system (on-sensor-phase-detection) is top of the game in the compact system game.

The only downside might be the 95% field-of-view in the viewfinder. But that can almost be disregarding due to its other amazing aspects such as the 3.2 inch tilt-angle touchscreen and great usability.

5. Nikon D610

Nikon D610



If you’re looking for the best full frame DSLR (which is by the way the holy grail of DSLR’s) then this is it! It has an exceptionally large selection of full features to enhance you photos and the whopping 24MP sensor captures the essence of your world like nothing else.

It’s slick and stylish and literally opens up so much more of the world of photography at a very attractive and reasonable price. It’s a top notch DSLR camera and fit for the industry’s most professional snappers.

When you’re buying a DSLR, essentially you’re investing into a camera system that will grow with you and push you into any direction your heart chooses within the photography industry.

We especially love the Canon EOS 1200D. It’s the perfect intro level model that still has a ll the top-quality high-end specs and features but come in at a price that’s much more affordable than the full frame DSLR’s. It’s a stunning camera to start your photography career with.

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