Best Gifts For Men Over 50 Who Love Experiencing Things

You know, it’s becoming more and more obvious that age fifty is the new forty, sixty the new fifty (and seventy the new sixty) as more and more lifestyle enhancements, health knowledge, and a general change in attitudes about what it means to be middle aged has shattered sad stereotypes about people close to and in their retirement years as being people with one foot in the grave.

Get Best Ideas for Best Gifts for Men Over 50:

When I think of a person over 50, I think of someone well established in his or her career, with growing families and beautiful homes who pursues plenty of interests and enjoys every single day. And that can make buying gifts for someone who basically has everything they need, gets what they want, and has the income to do so very tricky indeed!

Because the over 50s basically have all they need, I believe that the best kind of gifts for them would fall into two categories: gifting them a new (or favorite) experience or tapping into their interests. For this piece, I’m going to focus on gifting experiences to offer your loved one the chance to create some fantastic memories – and possibly-humorous anecdotes.

Hot-Air Balloon Rides – And Other Flights Of Fancy

One thing that I am eager to try myself is a hot-air balloon ride. I would love to soar above the world, floating over the fields and treetops to look at the world from a new perspective using old-school technology in noiseless flight. There are many organizations offering hot-air balloon rides, and I would just check out the websites of those in your area to see if they are properly accredited.

Now something that I just don’t have the guts to do myself would be to jump out of a plane. I have read about the 98-year-old woman from Utah who went skydiving to celebrate her relative’s 20th birthday along with three generations of her family.

She is truly the stuff of legend! And there are many brave souls out there who have great adventures written down on their bucket lists, which they have yet to fulfill. Perhaps someone you know wants to sky dive or hang glide or bungee jump or spelunk. And perhaps you’d even love to join them? If so, hats off to you both – and take the plunge!

Now for those over 50 who would like to experience the rush of weightlessness but not at the cost of jumping out of that plane, going “indoor sky diving” where participants enter a transparent tube with instructors and learn how to orient their body as air is projected up the tube is an alternative gift idea. Not only is it safer but it also lasts longer than a 45-second air drop.

indoor skydive

However, if your over-50 friend would rather test their limits with something just a tiny bit tamer, perhaps a zip lining activity would be just the thing. However, sometimes, this activity is part of a longer, tree-top adventure of negotiating ropes and planks and various obstacles – which would require a lot of dexterity and facing limitations or fear of heights. Picking the right kind of just-enough adventure is important for all of these active gifts.

Planes, Trains, And Automobiles

I just found out that a friend’s husband got his pilot’s license, and I did not even know he had taken his first lesson. Booking some flight lessons is definitely a generous and thoughtful gift as trainee pilots have to log in quite a few miles before their tests. A slightly-less investment of adrenaline would be to book a flight with an experienced pilot or with one on a glider plane.

For the plane enthusiast, I even saw the opportunity to actually stand on top of a bi-wing plane during flight. Again, this is not something to offer the faint of heart. For the car enthusiast, you can arrange a drive in a luxury car (Lamborghini anyone?) or give a race-car driving experience for that daredevil you know who feels the need for speed.

Now, something that would require a little bit of planning but which would definitely be memorable is a transcontinental train ride. I remember very well the first time I saw a film version of mystery novelist Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express as a kid (my brother spoiled the ending for me by telling me who the murderer was), and though a trans-Siberian trip would be beautiful and exotic, a more close-to-home option is to take a train journey across Canada from coast to coast. One of my friends who loves nature photography took this trip and enjoyed every second of it. It’s definitely on my bucket list!

The Sporting Life

Learning new skills – or honing newly acquired or dusty skills – would also be a great gift idea for a man over 50. One idea would be golf lessons or skiing lessons – tennis lessons too. In fact, there are probably other sports too that one can improve with practice, and having an instructor would definitely improve his stats. Season tickets for a favorite team are always welcome – or, given the expense of football and basketball games, tickets to a key game would lead to a great evening (and hopefully their team would win).

Town And Country

winery tour
Enjoying what one’s region or city has to offer is another gift experience for the over 50s. Sure Napa and Sonoma are renowned – but the opportunity to enjoy some wine tasting doesn’t just happen in California on vacation. Wineries dot the country – and some offer not only wine tasting but also provide food pairings to show the synergy between certain food and wine flavors. One final idea for a gift for a man over 50 would be to purchase a series of walking tours of his city’s neighborhoods.

My city has distinctly historically-ethnic neighborhoods – Italian, Polish, German, and Slavic to name a few – traces of which remain in local shops, ethnic club houses, and restaurants, and each neighborhood boasts distinctive architectural features and monuments – all of which harbor stories that a tour guide can share. Most tours that I have participated in last an hour and generally end up in a local establishment.

Tours such as these are really good ways to learn more about a place with which one is really familiar already – seeing it from a new perspective and bringing life to the stones and streets of everyday surroundings.

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