Best Gifts For Women Over 50 Who Love Experiencing Things

When I was a child, the hardest person for me to buy gifts for was for my grandmother because there really was nothing she lacked. She truly “wanted for nothing” in both senses of that phrase. At the age of ten, having a small sum saved out of my “pocket money” income, I could buy her only one thing that would please her: a box of After Eight Mints. Since then, every time I savor one of those minty squares, I think of her. I believe I bought her a gift of After Eight Mints for three years in a row. Thankfully, now, I have better ideas for women over 50. I thought it might be fun to explore some sensual experiences that would make great gifts for women over 50, and I’ve organized them according to touch, taste & smell, hearing, and sight. Find a gift below that stimulates the senses!

Touch: Dancing Cheek To Cheek


For your friend over 50, you might consider gifting salsa or tango dancing lessons (or swing dancing or line dancing or any other kind of dance). Some years ago, a male friend of mine bought a course of tango lessons, and I had the chance to partner him for one of those sessions, which I was excited to do because I think tango is a beautiful dance, so I wanted to give it a go – however, dance instructors often want partners to swap every few minutes to get used to dancing with anyone, so, for me, it became a bit of an embarrassing night because tango dancing is quite an intimate dance! I was not used to leaning in to touch somebody whose name I had barely had learned. Therefore, it might be a good idea to check out if the dance studio you are looking into allows partners to stick together if your friend has a partner they’d like to take with them (especially if that partner is you) or to give this package to someone who is extremely outgoing – and who wants to make friends. Salsa dancing, on the other hand, is much less intimate – and easier to learn – so that it would be good dance for anyone to try out.

A good gift for a woman over 50 would be a day or weekend trip to the spa. Sure, we could say that gone are the days when spa treatments were exclusively for women, but there is no woman who doesn’t like a bit of pampering. After all, who doesn’t love a massage, delicious spa food, and a relaxing day by the pool? While I do believe that women over 50 can often purchase everything they want – and that includes a vacation to distant or even exotic locations – they can often get caught up in their busy schedules, and so taking a mini break is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some spontaneous R ‘n R – and an excellent gift-giving opportunity.

Taste & Smell: Delicious “Appetizers”

woman cooking

Another idea for a woman over 50 is cooking lessons. Yes, most people by then either know how to cook or have every decent take-out restaurant on speed dial, but I’ve noticed and read articles that indicate how interested people have become in cooking shows (not only are there many shows on network TV but so many channels devoted to food). People want to learn about slow cooked food or organic food or locally-sourced food – and learning something with a partner or friend that’s hands on – and sensual like preparing high-quality food – can be a pleasurable experience and not the chore that it can sometimes be at home. I know from experience that cooking for two often means not preparing fancy or complicated or time-consuming meals, so to make this gift work, you would have to choose a package focusing on the gourmet end of the scale and not everyday home cooking to give budding master chefs the chance to try something new.

If you think that your friend would find that unpalatable, then, if you live on a coast or on a major river a dinner cruise is a good option. I have been on several river dinner cruises, and each one was a memorable time. The slowly-passing city skyline at dusk is the perfect backdrop to a romantic dinner followed – hopefully – by dancing (thankfully, I did not have to rely on those tango lessons).

A more quiet and refined event, one that I myself have enjoyed a few times over the years in elegant settings – once in Oxford, England – is afternoon teas with friends. The strong British tea, the dainty finger sandwiches, the scones and clotted cream, and petit fours – and of course the excellent conversation – made these afternoons truly a joy.

Hearing: Season Tickets To Plays Or Concert Series


My city offers many such cultural series as opportunities for gifts; there’s Baroque music, the Symphony, Jazz, Irish Theatre, Broadway Theatre, musical theatre, comedy theatre, and ballet to name just a few. How wonderful to receive a gift where every month you end up going to an amazing event on the town! I was lucky enough to belong to a non-profit organization that offered free theatre tickets for an entire season, and I got to see some cleverly staged plays over the course of eight months. Seeing an entire season of six to seven plays gives the viewer the chance to see the overall vision of the art director who puts a lot of thought into creating a cohesive series. As a season ticket member of my city’s downtown theatre, I also got to go to opening night parties and meet the actors, and I felt really lucky to ask them some questions and show my appreciation for their work. Definitely, cultural opportunities would make a fantastic gift for any woman over 50 to enjoy.

Sight: Museum, Conservatory, Or Zoo Membership


If you are living in an urban area that has a good zoo or quality museum, a year’s membership to allow your friend (or partner) to visit any time they want – to enjoy the location in every season – is a good choice of gift. For example, it’s great to be able to go back to a zoo to see the animals at different times of day or year and especially great to visit a gallery without feeling rushed to go through the entire place in an afternoon. A related idea is membership to a conservatory for plants – there’s a nice one in the city here, and they change their displays every single season, making it worth the while to visit multiple times a year.

Whether you pick touch, taste and smell, hearing, or sight as your main inspiration, all the senses of course will be involved in enjoying any of these gifts – and what makes them stand out is that they are the kind of gift that will create great memories. I hope these have given you an idea for the perfect gift for your loved one and that, whatever you choose, your gift gives your friend a wonderful time, a lot of laughs, and good memories!

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