What You Should Look For In Best Natural Shampoo For Dry Hair

I have seen a plenty of people who are convinced about trying natural shampoo instead of a regular one but they don’t know which shampoo to pick and what to look for when buying an all natural shampoo. So here I am advising you on what to look for when buying one all natural shampoo.

First of all, before buying a shampoo look in the ingredients column on the shampoo bottle and see if it has sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate in it. If you find one of then- Bingo! Do not buy it and put it back to the shelf or close the tab. If the shampoo contains any sulfate then it is not a natural shampoo- as straight forward as that. Sulfates are used in shampoo because they are great for producing foams which will give you an impression that your shampoo is doing a great job cleaning your hair. However, the use of sulfate in shampoo is quite controversial because it can be pretty dangerous. Sulfate could cause you allergic reaction and irritate your skin. There are claims as well that sulfate can cause cancer but these claims are most probably wrong (visit to know more about this issue). But when you are going for an all natural shampoo then why would you want something like that in the product? Sulfate makes it unnatural any way.

The second thing is to look for other ingredients. Having some natural oil like tea tree oil or lavender oil would be nice. These ingredients can really contribute to your hair. To know more about this you might want to check Another very good ingredient to have is wheat protein. Wheat protein is going to help you retain the moisture in your hair and make it more silky and smooth. Nice to have these things, isn’t it?

Ingredients not to have in your all natural shampoo

When you are buying a natural shampoo you should be sure that it is really a natural shampoo and not just another shampoo packed in a greenish bottle. So look out for these ingredients- if the shampoo has any one of these then it is not natural. The list includes- butylene glycos, petroleum, alcohol, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, and phthalate. Avoid these and you can be pretty sure that your shampoo is all natural.

A very important reminder: always look for product reviews before buying one. I can give you a guide about how to choose them but nothing beats a good review form a trusted source. Keep visiting here to know more about natural shampoos. Till then- Ciao!