List Of 5 Best Nikon DSLR For Beginners

Nikon has a reputation for being one of the most “newbie friendly” DSLR camera brand around. Their entry level DSLR cameras have the ability to capture images so sharp and vibrant that they look life-like and really preserve those special moments.

What’s great about their entry level DSLR cameras is the fact that they are very user friendly and operating them really doesn’t require extensive photographic know how. They put the fun back into photography, but not knowing which one to pick might end up being not so much fun.

Top 5 Best Nikon DSLR for beginners

To help you make an informed decision we have rounded up the top 5 best Nikon DSLR Cameras for the beginners. Have a look here:

1. Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera

The D3200 has a 24MP CMOS format sensor which captures images in the highest details and at a 4 frame per second continuous shooting mode, you’ll be guaranteed to get the best shot. It can take full HD 1080p videos and with its 3.0 inch LCD screen, seeing what the lens sees has never been easier and clearer.

2. Nikon D5500

Nikon D5500 DX-format Digital SLR w/ 18-140mm VR Kit

This is a great camera for beginners that even professionals might consider using. It has a 24.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter which ensures your images are always of the highest quality.

The 39-pont Autofocus system gives you added piece of mind that your focus will always be spot on and the fact that it shoots at 5 frames per second in continuous shooting mode means the perfect shot is always achievable.

The high-resolution LCD screen with its smartphone-like touchscreen means navigating through and viewing your images is super easy and the fact that it comes with built in Wi-Fi and is compatible with your smartphone ensures that sharing your favorite images is a virtually hassle free process.

3. Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera

The D5300 is just a little step down from the D5500 but still has the same amazing qualities such as a 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor, 39-point Autofocus systems with 3D tracking and 3D matric metering II, and it still does 5 frames per second in continuous shooting mode.

You can also take 1090p videos with this cool little camera and the fact that it has built-in Wi-Fi means that sharing and remote camera control is super easy.

4. Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR

With a 24.2MP CMOS DX-format sensor and 5 frames per second shooting in continuous shooting mode, your images will always be of the highest quality with the D3300. It has an 11-point Autofocus system with 3D tracking which gives you added piece of mind that the images you take are always in perfect focus. The large 3 inch LCD screen makes viewing your captured images super easy and allows you to see them in clear and vibrant format.

5. Nikon D5200

Nikon D5200 24.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR

The D5200 comes with a 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor as well as a 9 cross type 39-point dynamic area Autofocus system with 3D tracking. It can shoot up to 5 frames per second in continuous shooting mode and the fact that it can take 1080p 30FPS HD videos just makes it that much more attractive. It’s GPS compatible and because it has built-in Wi-Fi sharing your images is as easy as 1-2-3.

What’s really great about Nikon’s entry level DSLR’s is the fact that they all have Autofocus systems that allow you to take professional quality photos straight from the word go? Nikon has long been the 1st choice for photography enthusiasts and it’s a no brainer to see why.

What’s really great about their DSLR’s is the fact that as your skills grow your camera can grow with you too, by just adding on new lenses that are lightweight and open up new doors to your photographic ventures.

We especially love the D5500. It’s an entry level DSLR that’s fit for a pro and has all the tools and features you could need to up your ante in the world of photography.

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