Best Place To Sell Old Cell Phones For More Money

Are you planning to buy a new cell phone? What do you intend to do with your used cell phone? Well, if you are planning to throw it in the garbage, think again! DON’T JUNK IT. SELL IT!

Many people do not know that they can actually get paid for their used cell phones.  Nowadays, cell phones have become a necessity this is why everybody owns one and with the mobile phone technology developing every day, most people, especially teenagers keep upgrading to new cell phone models and unfortunately, just junking their old phones. I admittedly committed the same. I had about 4 old unused phones kept in my drawer.  I was surprised when a friend told me that there are many online stores that buy old cell phones. I sold all my old cell phones to, and it was quite simple and easy and I got paid really fast.

How It Works:

  1. Get a free offer: Simply find your gadget and answer a few questions about the phone you are selling.
  2. Ship it to Gazelle:  It is free for items worth $1 or more.  They will check out your gadget as soon as they receive it.
  3. Get paid fast: Choose from check, Amazon gift card or Paypal. buys any brands of phones such as Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG etc and pays you cash. buys your iPhone even if it is dead, smashed or soaked. It takes only a few minutes to sell your old unused cell phones and get paid. was launched in 2008 and today, it is the nation’s leading consumer electronics trade-in site. The company has handled more than 1 million consumer devices, paying nearly $100 million for unused devices. Rated as A+ by BBB Business Review, is a quick, easy and free way to sell your old cell phones. CNET, Wall Street Journal and New York Times have written about

The best thing about this company which is not found in other online stores is that you also get paid if you refer your friends. You get $10 from for every friend who sells a gadget. Doesn’t that sound interesting? I made quite an amount referring a few of my friends who were happy to hear about where it takes only a few minutes to sell an old cell phone. offers excellent service, and more value than other companies. Whether it is just one unused cell phone or bulk of cell phones, you are treated well and your items are valued. is an easy way to recycle or donate your old cell phones and get cash for it. Refer your friends and earn more cash. So next time you buy a new cell phone, don’t junk the old one, just sell it!!!