7 Best Sites For Job Search That Can Really Search The Jobs For You

Job Search Engines help you search the major sites, associations, company sites and various online job sites according to the keywords and locations. The best job search engines have unique features and they can also streamline your efforts so that you can get more productive results. Thus, if you are looking for a new job, you can check these job search engines that can really search the jobs for you.


Though you cannot post your resume here. It is a very good job search engine. As it is a meta search engine of many job search boards and job search engines, it is quite effective. You can get a number of jobs here, which you normally will not find in most of the other sites. This job search engine also has easy to use job search features.


This is also a very good and reliable job search engine. You can post your resume here and also narrow your job search by keywords, location and employees. Also, this site has various job search extras like, job search alerts and networking boards.

3. CareerBuilder


This job search engine will give you the ability to post a resume, find a job, get job advice, create job alerts, look up job fairs, get job resources, etc. It is a very big job search engine that will offer you a number of good resources. It also has a job search communities list.



This job search engine will let you search the internet for jobs and also give you the chance to network with like-minded people and deepen your search for jobs. The job posting in this site are of higher quality, and also if you are connected through this site with a person who knows about a particular job already, then you can get your way in, even before handing over your resume.

5. Craigslist


It has a number of interesting jobs. You have to find your city, under which you can look for jobs according to your category. Jobs like non-profit, government, systems, writing, etc, are all listed in this site. Also, you can set up a number of RSS feeds according to the job you are searching for, in any location. The only disadvantage in Craigslist is, since it is free, a few of the listed jobs may not be legitimate. So, use common sense and caution in replying to the listed jobs.

6. SimplyHired


This job search engine offers you a unique experience of job search from across the platforms. It will also help you add jobs to your job map, view quite detailed profiles of different companies and research their salaries.

7. Dice


This job search engine will help you find technology related jobs. A targeted space is offered and it can help you find the exact technology position that you are looking for.

According to your preference and requirement, you can choose one of the above job search engines to find the best job for you.