Caring For Womens Black And Cognac Riding Boots

Leather riding boots come in many shapes, colors and textures but to ensure they will last year after year, you are better off buying genuine leather boots. Real leather sometimes looks classier and can be worn anytime regardless of the trends of the season. Don’t expect them to be cheap, though: a good pair of leather riding boots costs anything from $100 to $1000, so properly caring for them is a must.

The boots need to be occasionally cleaned, polished and conditioned. Cleaning leather riding boots is not a difficult task but you need to pay extra attention so as not to damage the leather. First, use a damp cloth to remove all the dirt and mud on your boots. Gently rub the leather and wait until it is completely dry before moving on to conditioning. If you want to make sure your boots are well cleaned, purchase a cleaning product. This can be a cream, gel or some special oil and you can usually get them at the drugstore or any supermarket in the shoe section. Renomat and Saddle Soap by Saphir are the first shoe creams that come to mind; however, there are many other reliable brands you can try, such as the products made by Timpson and KiwiCare.

It’s important the boots’ moisture is kept balanced so make sure you don’t get them too wet during the cleaning process. You can add a water repellant cream or polish that will keep the leather boots in perfect condition on wet days.

Taking Care of Riding Boots

Conditioning your boots should be the next step. Purchase a conditioning product that fits the leather type of your boots and stay away from synthetic conditioners. Natural ones will be absorbed by the leather, helping them to maintain softness and shine. Mink oil can also be used but don’t go overboard and remove all the excess oils immediately. If you have time, let the boots dry for a few hours after applying conditioning cream.

Polishing the boots is the last step in caring for them and this should be done in an airy, well-ventilated room. Shoe polish may be toxic to inhale so be careful. The cream is recommended over the paste and liquid polish because it dries faster and can be bought on many different colors. Any shoes store carries shoe polish, and George’s Shoes, Saphir and Apple Brand Leather Care are some brands to look for. Apply the polish with a dry cloth and wait for a few minutes for it to dry. A good natural alternative to traditional polish cream is olive oil and it will not endanger your health.

Cleaning and caring for genuine leather riding boots can be time consuming, no wonder some people choose fake leather over real ones. If you have no plans of keeping your riding leather boots for a long time, faux leather is a cheaper alternative. The price is much lower and man-made leather can look just as good. Faux leather boots are a good choice for everyday wear to places where you don’t need to look very fancy. Before deciding, consider what you need the boots for and for how long you want them to last.