Convertible Wrap Dresses For Bridesmaids, I Do Or Won’t Do?

When hearing the term “convertible wrap dress” one can’t stop but wonder what it is or what it looks like. We all know what a wrap dress is: it is a dress that wraps around the body. A convertible wrap dress on the other hand, in addition to wrapping around you is made in such a way that it can be twisted and knotted to look like a different dress. There are many tutorials out there showing you just how it is done.

A convertible wrap dress is perfect for any body shape and size. This is why many future brides choose this type of dress for their bridesmaids. The dress gives an hourglass like appearance that even the ladies without a defined waistline prefer it. A wrap dress accommodates nicely a bigger bust and looks very nice on a small one as well. The dress can be worn by all the ladies regardless of their height, but shorter ladies should find a style that makes them appear taller. Because this dress can be wrapped and twisted into different dresses, each bridesmaid can wear it in a different style and nobody can tell it’s the same dress. Each of them can cover as much as they need or get some breast support if their chest is too big. Keep in mind that by default, this dress offers no support and can only be worn with a strapless bra.

Most of these dresses are made of jersey so the dress may not look as elegant as a bridesmaid’s dress should be but the right color will take care of this aspect for you. Bright, dark and even some pale colors work really well for a bridesmaid’s attire. A convertible wrap dress can be easily turned from one style into another so with some imagination, the bridesmaids can change their outfit throughout the duration of the wedding. For instance, at the beginning of the event, all of them can wear the dress the same way, and then during reception, each of them can twist it into a halter dress, sweetheart, square or a V-neck. With the exception of those who know that those are convertible dresses, everyone will think that a fortune has been spent for the entourage.

There are some key tips you and the bridesmaids should remember before the big day:

  • Try the wrap dress on each girl to know which style will fit who better
  • Find a color that fits all of their complexions or you risk your wedding pictures to look off.
  • Do more research on these dresses to find out which fabrics and colors are best to use.

Keep in mind that a convertible wrap dress works best in summer or spring, at a beach, garden or generally outdoor weddings. They also work better for a daytime wedding party especially if you prefer bright or pale colors. Dark or simply intense colors such as sapphire blue, ruby red, dark purple are best chosen for an evening wedding. We think a convertible wrap dress is a definite “I Do”.