The Correct Ways To Care For Your Flax Linen Clothing

People have been using flax fabric to make clothes for millennia, all over the world. The flax fabric has been referred to as linen, as the flax fibers were the ones used to make linen. Linen is a word coming from the Latin “linum” denominating the flax plant. It is this plant that was originally used to make all the products we now refer to as linen.

Flax clothes are the ideal summertime wear, no matter if you’re going to the office, shopping or on a vacation. Linen is a lightweight, cool and dry keeping fabric and it will not feel damp in humid weather. The fabric will absorb up to 20% moisture while allowing the skin to breathe comfortably. While flax clothing’s properties makes it an appropriate choice for summer clothing, there are a few disadvantages the fabric has. For starters, the fiber is not as flexible as cotton and thus the risk of permanent wrinkling increases. In addition, if the fiber is repeatedly bent in the same spot this will cause it to break. All these properties pose an important question: how do we properly care for out flax clothing?


Most people start worrying about their clothes when it’s wash time, thus reading the label with washing instructions should be a no brainer. It’s important to know that flax linen can be cleaned almost in any possible way: by hand, in the laundry machine or at the dry cleaners. The label tell you if flax has been combined with any other fiber, in which case you might want to wash the garment by hand only, in cold water only or only at the dry cleaners.

Removing stains

Depending on the source of the stains, some can be easily removed, while other require special actions, including a trip to the dry cleaners. If you know what stained your flax clothes and you know how to remove the stain, first try the method on some dummy flax piece of cloth. Make sure you don’t use chlorine bleach when removing stains or washing as this product will turn the fabric’s color to yellow.


Drying is an important caring process for most clothes no matter what they’re made of. When it comes to flax, clothes should be air dried. It is best not to hand the clothes in direct sunlight as they will get discolored. Direct sunlight drying is a good idea only in the case of a white item. Use a hanger to reduce the need for the next caring step.


This process is mandatory if you must keep a professional look, but if you’re in a vacation you can go without it. Air drying your flax clothing on hangers will give them a relaxed appearance and you won’t need to iron them. However, to achieve the professional look you must iron the fabric while it’s still wet or damp until it gets smooth.


Storing clothes the right way is another key factor in caring for your garments, no matter what they’re made of. Flax clothes shouldn’t be stored in a crowded closet. You can store them either on a hanger or in a drawer, but if they’re pressed by other clothes they will get wrinkly.

Using these caring tips and tricks for your flax clothing will ensure they stay looking brand new for as long as you need them.