Earrings For The Tragus Piercing

A tragus earring is a type of body jewelry worn in the tragus. The tragus is a small cartilage found in front of the ear’s canal. In recent years people started to pierce it as means of being different. There are few types of earrings that are worn in this location with the barbells, captive bead rings and earring studs being the most common ones.

Contrary to what you might be thinking now, having your tragus pierced is not very painful because there are few nerves in that part of your ear. Some people even pierce their own tragus at home because only a few tools are needed in doing the procedure. The most important tool is having a steady and pretty strong hand while the other tools must be sterile. Healing time can last from 4 to 24 weeks (1 to 6 months). Just like most piercings, it is the actual moment when the tragus is pierced that causes most pain, however it is nothing painful than pinching.

The exact starting point for the tragus piercing to be done is not known. What we do know is that in 2005 BBC News pointed to Scarlett Johansson’s tragus earring worn for a red carpet event. Her tragus earring was a captive bead ring made of gold.

Your first tragus earring, as in the one you put on when you first pierced your tragus, must be worn for up to 6 months at the very least with no removal whatsoever for the area to completely heal. Some professionals recommend even up to a year of continuous wear of the starter tragus earring. It has been said that you can’t go back once you get your tragus pierced, but many noticed that the tragus starts to heal, covering the hole after removing their earring and not putting an earring for some time.

One usually wears their tragus earring on a permanent basis, 24/7. This body jewelry is small enough not to disturb one’s sleep, especially a month later after the procedure. The only problem it poses is with the earphones that go in the ear. Many wearers recommend using the headphones that cover the ear, to avoid accidents or damage to the earphones.

The tragus earring is usually removed for cleaning or to be replaced with a different type. Removing a tragus earring depends on the type of jewelry you have on right now. While a stud is really easy to remove by pulling apart the front and the back, a threaded barbell or flatback labret must be unscrewed. A captive bead ring, a seamless or a continuous ring must be pulled one towards the front and the other to the back, but using some small forceps or needle nose pliers as they have a better grip than your fingers.

One last thing that one must keep in mind is that the tragus earring and the regular earrings are a bit different, especially if you’re a girl. The regular earrings are the ones that are worn in the lobes of the ears. The tragus earrings can only be small or they will be very disturbing. The regular earrings can be very big.