A Fashion Buzz With Your Piercing

If you plan on getting your tragus pierced soon, then there are some things to consider like which type of earring you’ll be wearing. This is extremely important as most piercer advice on keeping the starter earring in your tragus no less than half a year while many would even recommend keeping it at least a year.

Based on what the earring looks like there are about 6 tragus earring styles that you can choose from:

1. Circular Barbell

circular barbell tragus

2. Straight Bar Barbell

Straight Bar Barbell

3. Tragus Stud

Tragus Stud

4. Push-in Tragus Earring

Push-in Tragus Earring

5. Dangle Tragus Earring

Dangle Tragus Earring

6. CBR (or captive bead ring)

captive bead ring

The most common style is the barbell. This type can be found as a circular one or as straight bar, most commonly known as a stud earring. The tragus stud is one of the smallest earrings that you could find. The push-in tragus earring looks a lot like the stud, but it has a more detailed design, with flowers, skulls, heart and so on. Another type is the dangle tragus earring that looks a bit like the stud but it has a little piece of jewelry hanging onto it. The CBRs (or captive bead rings) look like rings and have a ball that is used to open and to secure the ring on your tragus. The hoops, or captive bead rings, are probably just as popular as the barbells.

These are some locations where you can shop for body jewelry:

  • FreshTrends
  • BodyJewelryShop
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Swarovski

If you want to shop for body jewelry the site at FreshTrends carries many tragus earrings for each type of earring. You will definitely have a hard time choosing from the many colors, materials and shapes but the prices are quite affordable, starting at $10 for a barbell earring. However, depending on the materials used, such as gold and diamonds, the price can go up to $500, similar to those of a high end store. Another online shop is BodyJewelryShop where you can find just as many styles and options for a tragus earring at an affordable price.

Those who can afford and want to feel really special can visit high end jewelry stores like Tiffany & Co. Of course the prices will be much higher but one will know they get really high quality products that have minimum chances of inducing an allergic reaction. Another high end store where you can buy body jewelry is Swarovski as it carries pieces for both genders.

Depending on whether you’re a guy or a girl you might want to wear a tragus earring that is more gender specific. Girls would much rather wear colorful and sparkly gemstones, gold or a barbell with a little dangle. Guys generally prefer more gender neutral earrings, dark colors and silver colored metals. The designs created for the guys look less delicate and may have dark colored gemstones that almost don’t sparkle, skulls or even panthers.

Now that you know more about the types of tragus jewelry and where to buy it from, you must find out some more useful tips on how to choose the right tragus earrings for you.