A Fashion Revelation: Flax Clothing

Hearing about flax clothing might be misleading at first. Flax, from which the commonly encountered linen is made of, has been around for more than 10,000 years and is one of the oldest plants known to man. Flax’s history goes way back and in ancient cultures such as Egypt where this fabric was favored over others such as wool or cotton. In what you call today Switzerland flax was used for many other purposes as fishing nets were made out of it. In ancient Rome and Greece flax clothes were commonly worn and the Romans were also using the fabric for paper.

Where did Flax Clothing come from?

Flax clothing originates from the fiber of the flax plant. This highly versatile plant is used in many ways: oil that is beneficial to the body is made of the seeds while the stem is rich in fiber and used in animal food and medicine. The flax plant takes about 3 months to reach maturity and grows up to one meter high. The plant is best collected when young thus harvesting happens when the flax plant is in bloom. The all natural flax fibers are well known for their longevity and durability, so it comes as no surprise flax clothing is quite popular even in today’s times.

Linen vs. Flax

Linen’s virtues are appreciated all over the globe as this is a fabric that keeps the body cool and dry even in high temperatures. It absorbs humidity while still remaining dry and comfortable to wear, and is more durable than many other fabrics used nowadays. The flax clothing does not stain easily and is twice more resistant than cotton. Flax clothing can also keep some of the bacteria away so its the recommended fabric for under garments.

A big disadvantage of linen is that it wrinkles very easily thus it’s not ideal for long trips when looking crisp is important.

Linen is quite an expensive fabric sometimes reaching the price of silk. This is because flax clothing is not mass produced the way cotton is and although similar to it, flax is much more durable and comfortable to wear. When having to consider quality versus cost, shoppers should take into account how long they want the item to last and what they need it for. Linen is clearly superior and provides an item’s longevity which is what most people are searching for. Due to the fact flax is such a comfortable fabric, many people prefer it over cotton or wool. People who live in hot regions can take full advantage of the linen’s cooling properties.

Flax clothing is not only worn by regular people and numerous celebrities were spotted donning linen outfits. Actress Mischa Barton usually opts for a light linen summer dress while reality star Lauren Conrad chooses to take things one step further and wear linen on the red carpet. Male celebrities also do not shy away from flax clothing and actor George Clooney was seen rocking a blue linen shirt coupled with matching shorts.

Flax clothing makes a good outfit regardless of who you are and what you do and will help you make the best out of your day.

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