Five Must-Dos To Arrange A Unique 1st Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

It’s the first birthday party of none other than your daughter. You are sure to be excited. A bit of a tension is also playing in your mind. What are you going to do? How can you make the party as decent and pleasing so that people will remember it? What are the must-dos for that?

Here we are trying to help you get rid of the tension. There are some must dos- without any of them your fantastically designed party may turn into a boring disarrangement. Take a note of these ‘must-dos’, they will ensure you a great program.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Everyone knows- you need a birthday cake. However, you must be aware of making it a grand one because apart from your little child, the birthday cake is the star of the show. Do not rush and buy it on the eve of the birthday. Plan it from before, pick the baker you want, order it in advance and receive it on the day. And select the designs carefully. It must look good!



Have a decent photographer in place if you want to make this part a memorable one. Photos keep memories and extend them to social networking sites. In the age of Facebook, well, your party photos should be there at least to let the absentees know what great fun they missed!



Your daughter will not remember any of it. Think why do you then want it to be memorable? Because she will one day cherish these memories. And to keep a few souvenirs is the right thing to do. Print an invitation card, take great photos, order custom made piñatas and whatever ways you can keep souvenir of this great occasion.


Try to be a bit tricky here. Who do you want to be at the party? If you want to make it nice and homely you should invite only those people who are really close. But if you want to make it a big social get together then you can spread your guest list. Try to avoid people who expect a big, dashing party. It’s your daughter’s first birthday not your job promotion party.

Invitation Card

Invitation card is the introduction to your program. Make an impressive one so that people love it and want to attend the party. Be sure to make it look fitting for the occasion. If you want you can keep your little girl’s photo in the design. Then it will make a good souvenir as well. This is why invitation cards are important- they impress people and work out as a worthy souvenir.

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