His And Hers Titanium Wedding Bands

Choosing the right material for your wedding ring can be a difficult task, but it’s also a fun part of the wedding preparations. Numerous people choose to purchase gold wedding bands, however its not widely known titanium is also a reliable metal that can look just as good as gold. Titanium has its own qualities and you will soon realize it may be just what you are looking for.

Titanium is a chemical element and a very durable one, having excellent resistance to damage coming from water and chlorine. In the metal form titanium is usually alloyed with aluminum or iron to create jewelry that will pass the test of time. One of the best features of wedding bands made of titanium is they are light weight and this quality will not pass unnoticed especially when you will be wearing the ring every day. Titanium rings can be more pricy than other popular metals such as stainless steel, but this is because titanium does not rust. It is also very comfortable to wear and has a light color: just what you need in a ring that is suppose to last for a lifetime. Depending on what is combined with the ring, titanium can easily reach a price of $500. This mostly goes for rings that include diamonds or other gemstones, but more affordable rings are available to people on a budget. Generally, simple looking styles will not set you back more than $300. There are several styles of titanium rings a new couple can choose from, some looking more elaborate than others. As an example, a low key couple will love the single diamond style ring that features an encrusted diamond in the titanium. Effortlessly chic, these rings will surely make a statement. You can also opt for an embossed titanium ring with a design of your choice. The twisted titanium style will do just that: add a twist to an otherwise plain ring, without being too glamorous. The rings can also be mixed with leather or colorful materials for a more personal vibe.

Titanium rings will not get scratched easily or at all, and as long as they are properly cared for can even last for generations. Luckily, this is not a metal that requires special treatment and is relatively easy to clean and polish. You could choose visiting a jewelry place that will polish your ring and get it rid of any light damage that naturally occurs over time but to save money you can try cleaning it yourself using a jewelry-cleaning solution. Another options is to simply clean your titanium wedding band with some warm water and a bit of alkaline soap.

Common folk couples are not the only ones sporting chic titanium wedding bands. It seems this type of wedding ring has been used as a minor plot for the Sci-Fi movie and novel The Abyss, in 1989.

His and Hers Timoku Wedding Band

Titanium wedding bands are carried by many different jewelry boutiques. Edward Mirell features a vast collection of such jewelry, and the rings astonish by their creative designs. We can encounter titanium wedding bands on sites of famous brands like Tiffany & Co, but be prepared to pay the price as they not come cheap.

Because wedding rings are meant to last a lifetime, choose a design and material that you truly like and will cherish forever.

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