How Do You Wash Colored Clothes?

If you recently purchased a pair of colored jeans, you probably already noticed they are prone to bleeding and the color fades after a while. This can become a problem as they can stain some other important clothing items you own and love, and even your shoes may get stained too. But rest assured you can stop your new jeans from bleeding and fading with the use of a few tips and tricks!

1. It’s not always known but colored jeans should be washed right after you buy them. This will not ruin them but stop the color from coming out. Make sure you wash them in cold water, and respect the instructions you find on the inside tags.

2. Wash your colored jeans alone and do not mix them with any other item. If you wash them together, your other clothes may get stained and the jeans color will fade. It’s generally best if you also wash them inside out and avoid using a lot of detergent.

3. Add some vinegar to the washing cycle. A cup should suffice, and may prevent bleeding while the color stays vibrant. The vinegar can sometimes be replaced with a little bit of baking soda or a few teaspoons of salt. If you have time, soak the jeans in vinegar for a whole night and the results will be improved.

4. The colored jeans can also be washed by hand in cold water with the same results. If you do that, hang them dry afterwards so they don’t shrink.

5. Invest in a commercial dye fixative. Products like Retayne help fixate the dye in jeans and prevents fading. You can usually find dye fixatives at any dye supplier store, and it’s definitely worth a shot. You should still wash your denim pair in cold water when treated with a fixative. A color protection detergent will also do the trick and it’s more gentle than regular ones.

6. Don’t wash your jeans very often. The more you wash them the more worn out they will look, especially if the dye used is not a high quality one. Take good care of them so you can keep your jeans looking new for longer.

7. Iron them and use a bit of starch. Starch gives a crispy, new-like feel to any denim pair – even cheap jeans!

8. Dry clean your favorite pair of colored jeans. The dry cleaning process is more subtle and prevents fading. Plus, the jeans will also be professionally ironed and you will have one task less to do.

9. Don’t dry them in the sun. Sun is a good option for jeans that are manufactured to look faded, but will ruin the intense color of yellow or red jeans.

Colored jeans can be seen everywhere and the fading issue shouldn’t stop you from wearing your favorite pair. Last but not least, its well known that you get what you pay for so keep away from really cheap denim. You may pay a little extra but in the end it will be worth as jeans are a wardrobe staple.