How Much Do Tragus Piercings Cost?

Tragus earrings nowadays are a huge trend not only among teenagers. The tragus piercings have a long history and lately have been brought back into the spotlight by celebrities who made them an ongoing trend.

As a rule, different types suit different people, and tragus earrings display quite a variety of styles and types. As technology advanced, the materials of these earrings were also diversified. The earrings can be made of gems and crystals, titanium, silver or gold. They can be as ornate or as simple as desired, and numerous shops carry a vast selection that customers can choose from. Diamond earrings, for example, are more sophisticated but still retain some of the grunge vibe a young fashionista seeks. They are not extremely noticeable but will add a touch of glamour to any outfit and hairstyle. They cannot be found at about any store so a good idea is to shop at a specialized jewelry boutique like Tiffany’s and Co or Kay.

The silver tragus earrings are perhaps a more affordable option and can be easily matched with a belly button ring. If you are planning to purchase one do some research on the quality of the silver to avoid injury. The more silver the piece of jewelry contains, the less chances of causing damage to the ear. These can be bought from eBay or handmade jewelry stores and will only set you off at about $15 to $25. The hoop style is perhaps defined as being a more eccentric choice as it can be heavily decorated and has a larger size, appearing more like a real earring.

The most popular type of tragus earrings are the studs. Inexpensive but still very nice looking, the studs are a common choice within teenagers. Trendy and chic, the studs are available for purchase at any specialized stores or even online on Etsy or Amazon. You can also get the jewelry from the same place where you got your piercing: it may actually be cheaper that way and you will get information on how to wear the earring safely.

This type of piercing is successfully worn by both boys and girls who want the newest and coolest look. If you think only punk kids get a tragus piercing, think again! Celebrities such as Rihanna, actress Scarlett Johansson, Leona Lewis and model Candy Candice Swanepoel all sported this and turned heads by displaying their newest tragus earring. These celebs opted for sparkly diamond piercing that goes well with their public image and provides a chic but classy look. Even male celebrities did not shy away from this trend, singer Lenny Kravitz has been spotted wearing silver and diamond tragus earrings.

Whatever style and material you choose, be aware that the earring should not be replaced for one year to allow the area to heal and get used to the new jewelry. Keep true to your personality and make a decision based on your interests and lifestyle.