How To Avoid Stretch Marks When Pregnancy?

Motherhood, per se, is bliss. Pregnancy brings a lot of good emotions but it also brings with it inevitable pregnancy stretch marks. Having a baby growing inside you is a memorable experience but the physical changes in one’s body is unavoidable such as stretch marks. Research suggests that around 90 percent of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. It is also said that stretch marks are genetic. If your mother had stretch marks, you will have the possibility of acquiring them too. It is therefore imperative to know how to avoid stretch marks and have beautiful skin.

Massage skin

Applying moisturizer onto the skin is one of the ways to avoid stretch marks. This should be done around three to four times daily with cocoa butter. Massage should be done on prime areas such as breasts, tummy, and buttocks as well as on the hip portion. Keeping your skin well hydrated is found to reduce stretch marks to a great extent.

Eat healthy

Diet plays a vital role during pregnancy. Junk foods are not recommended and intake of nutritious foods is encouraged such as food rich in zinc (good for skin) as well as Vitamin A and C. You can also take dietary supplements. Food rich in fatty acids like vegetable oil and fish oil should also be consumed as it helps in developing cell walls and reduce pregnancy stretch marks.

Avoid overeating

Weight gain is normal during pregnancy. However, having too much food intake is not advisable. The extra calories are needed for the full development of the baby and can be derived from taking nutritious foods rather than fatty ones. Remember, you should gain weight at the right time. Overeating will only increase pregnancy stretch marks and reduce your chances of getting rid of it easily afterwards.

Drink excess water

You are advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday to keep your body hydrated. If in case you do not do so, your body dehydrates and in that case pregnancy stretch marks will develop easily and soon on the body. To avoid your body from dehydration you should avoid caffeine which can aggravates stretch marks to a great extent.

Usage of Retin-A

Though creams containing glycolic acid and Vitamin C have also been fruitful, Retinoid creams like Retin-A has worked quite effectively in the case of pregnancy stretch marks. But for Retin-A to be effective, it should be used in the earlier phase when the stretch marks are initially seen. There are lesser chances of removing stretch marks if we use Retin-A when the marks are mature.

Laser Treatment

If the above methods fail, the full and final solution to remove pregnancy stretch marks after pregnancy is laser treatment. But in this case too, to get good results you should avoid stretch marks from getting matured. If you have allowed the stretch marks to mature, laser treatment becomes a bit risky as it is highly probable that skin discoloration can occur.

Since every problem has its solution, pregnancy stretch marks can also be reduced to a great extent and you can feel the same way as you used to do before pregnancy.