How To Choose The Best Cream For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is said to be the best gift of a woman’s life. Bearing and rearing a child inside yourself and giving birth to your own child is definitely a fascinating experience. However, like everything else pregnancy has its own troubles too and the pain that a mother has to go through in the pregnancy period is incomparable to say the least. Pregnancy stretch marks are one of the many damages that your body is likely to suffer during the pregnancy period. As they are likely to occur and damage your beautiful skin, the good news is you can get rid of them if you can choose the right pregnancy stretch mark cream.

Who are likely to get pregnancy stretch marks?

It is difficult to say who are going to get stretch mark in their pregnancy. But some hints are available:

  • Young mothers at their teens are more likely to get pregnancy stretch mark
  • Mothers with high body weight at the start of pregnancy
  • Mothers who gain much weight rapidly during their pregnancy

How to cure

You can be ultra cautious to not get any stretch mark but dermatologists agree that it is not entirely possible to prevent pregnancy stretch mark. That is why a cure method is very important. While laser surgery may rid you of these marks, these surgeries are expensive and time consuming. The best way to get rid of these marks is using a pregnancy stretch mark cream which will suit you the best.

How to choose

How to choose the best cream for you may be dilemmatic, especially in this age where everything is marketed as the best thing to be out there. To choose the best cream you must exactly know what you want and judge if the cream you are looking at have what it takes to satisfy you. Below are three suggestions which you must consider while buying a pregnancy stretch mark cream.

1. Adaptability with your skin- Not all creams available at the market suits all skin types. Applying a cream made for a different skin type may harm you rather than helping you out of this problem. So choose the cream which matches your skin.

2. Time to impact- Some creams may work fast while some works very slowly. If you are looking to get rid of the marks as early as possible then look for a cream which works pretty fast, i.e. – within 4 to 8 weeks.

3. Clinically tested- There are plenty of creams available which seems to be super fine in appearance but does not work at all or may even harm you. To avoid using these creams make sure to check if the cream you are buying is clinically and independently tested.