How To Have An Outdoor Wedding With Style?

When we hear the word wedding the first picture that comes to our mind is the church. But today many couples prefer to exchange their vows in places like the backyard, public garden, hill top, beach side or a destination away from home instead of the traditional church wedding. Of course, outdoor weddings are really beautiful and romantic, but there are many things to consider in planning for an outdoor wedding, or it might end up being unsuccessful. Outdoor weddings come with a number of pitfalls, and its success certainly depends on Mother Nature, which can unexpectedly turn against you.

A wedding is a wonderful occasion that should have perfect memories and having a good venue play a big role in this affair. If you are to choose an outdoor wedding, this may involve a lot of risk, so it would be advisable to consider the following things:

1: The weather is the most important factor that can ruin your plans. If it is sunny and hot, it can make your guests very uncomfortable. They would naturally prefer being indoors with air conditioning.

2: Rain is another factor that can mess up your plans. Unexpected shower will wet your guests, ruin their attire, and spoil all the fun and enjoyment. You will then be forced to move your wedding indoors, if the weather becomes really bad.

3: An outdoor wedding involves expenses in the form of rentals for chairs, tables, canopies, walkways, decorations and sound system.

4: To avoid the heat, most outdoor weddings are conducted in the evening or during sunset which will require adequate lighting. This calls for lanterns, lights and candles, which will naturally invite unwanted guests like mosquitoes and bugs. Mosquitoes and bugs may attack your guests and turn your wedding into a nasty affair and bring the fun of the celebration down.

5: Some catholic priests may not favor an outdoor wedding so you might find it difficult to get a priest to officiate your wedding.

6: Sometimes you might require city permits to conduct a wedding outdoor. ( )

7: Sound is another disadvantage in an outdoor wedding, especially if you are holding the wedding in an open space and a noisy area. This would make it difficult for the guests to hear the vows and speeches compared to an enclosed church hall that is usually quiet and peaceful.

8: Uneven ground can make the seating options very uncomfortable for the guests, which will then make it difficult for the guests to enjoy the wedding.

Of course indoor and outdoor weddings have their pros and cons, but by proper planning, taking into consideration the risks involved in an outdoor wedding, and finding appropriate solutions, you can definitely make your outdoor wedding a wonderful and memorable experience.