How To Pierce Your Tragus With Less Pain

tragus piercing

During the recent years those who loved to get their ears pierced noticed a new trend that also reached the celebrities. The new trend is wearing an earring in their tragus. While this spot is most certainly unique, it is not always easy to have it pierced. As you know, the tragus is a piece of cartilage found right in front of your ear canal.

Most people that have tried tragus piercing say it’s not very painful. The only concern they had was the earring itself. It sometimes gets in the way of activities like while cleaning their ears or listening to music. Many people like to use earphones that go inside the ear but the tragus piercing will partially cover it. One has to be careful by pulling the tragus to the front for proper insertion of the earphones or the ear cleaning products. Other than this, a tragus earring doesn’t pose much danger to its wearer.

Things to keep in mind when tragus piercing

If you want a tragus piercing, keep in mind that you’ll have a piece of metal going through a cartilage during the actual piercing. The piercing is best done with a sanitized, sterile needle and not by using a piercing gun. One also must have a steady hand. It’s best to hold the tragus in place with some forceps. Specialized tattooing saloons and even some doctors can do this procedure, but it’s best to visit someone who has done it before.

People who can’t afford visiting a specialized place can try and do it at home. However, the risk of an infection is the main concern when doing the procedure at home so take extra care. If one does exactly what the instructions say, there should be no reason to worry about any infection.

The piercing technique is the same everywhere however you must follow some simple hygiene rules to prevent infection. You will need a sterile needle and earring, some cotton balls, a Q-tip and a steady hand. To sterilize the needle and the earring boil them in water. The needle needs to cool down naturally on some cotton. Make sure you clean both your hands and your ear. An ice cube on the tragus before starting the procedure will help lessen the pain. When the needle is cool enough and you’re ready to get the piercing done, place some cotton in your ear and push the needle as hard as possible through the tragus in one move. You will hear a pop and then the needle will go out the other side. Make sure to leave it in there for 10 minutes. Prepare your sterilized earring and when the time is up gently remove the needle and replace it with the earring. Remember, for the wound to completely heal, do not change the starter earring for at least 6 months while some piercers may recommend wearing the same earring for the whole year.

In order to avoid the infection, clean the piercing twice or 3 times daily with a solution of 1 cup water and 1/4 teaspoon sea salt until the piercing seems fully healed. Do not over do it as this can also cause infection. One should not remove the jewelry as the piercing will close and may trap the infection in. Press gently a chamomile tea bag or a Q-tip dipped in chamomile tea to help soothe an irritated piercing. Should any infection appear, it is best to consult with a doctor or with the piercer.