Learn How To Take Better Pictures With DSLR

DSLR camera is a very good tool to click photographs but then, it is not the camera but the photographer who takes the important decision about how to click a snap. Poor knowledge of photography can make a DSLR camera produce below average photograph.

An aspiring photographer must know that a DSLR camera is just a tool that helps in clicking photographs and that there are several angles involved in photography and whether you like it or not, photography cannot be learnt without proper guidance.

Want To Know How to Take Better Pictures with DSLR?

It is not the camera but your skills that require upgrade!; the snaps you click speak volumes about the skills you possess as you must have often noticed it on Facebook that people always complement the photographer and not the camera for a good snap.

So, if you own a DSLR camera and you are still not able to take good quality photographs then you need to accept the fact that the problem lies in your photography skills and not the camera.

Photography classes can help a lot but, if you are already in nine to five job then it may not be easy for you to take out time for classes.  Also, you may not be really interested in paying a bomb for extra classes.  Turning to photography blogs and forums on the internet maybe a good idea but there is so much to learn and the information is so scattered that it may make you more nervous than confident.

Here I would like to introduce ‘Photography Master Class’ – a sure shot way to become a professional photographer in no time. This product provides step by step guidance on photography through video tutorials which you can watch anytime and anywhere.


Photography Master Class is a product by ‘Evan Sharboneau’ who has helped over 9 million aspiring photographers excel in this field. Based on his experience he has devised a series of video tutorials that take you from beginner’s to advanced level in a very organized manner.

Evan has been helping beginners for the past five years and knows exactly the kind of obstacles they face when they start off with photography.  He confesses that he too has been through this and there was a time when he was just clueless about photography.

One cannot deny the fact that practice makes one perfect but it is important to have a clear and strong base of fundamental principles of photography irrespective of the camera that you use.

Before you take a snap you should be clear about where, when and how you want to capture the perfect pictures. Photography master class allows you to understand all aspects of photography.

You will learn how to select the right DSLR based on your budget and then take stunning photographs with it. You will learn everything right from holding your camera correctly to capturing and selling professional photographs.

What is Photography Master Class all About?

These tutorials also impart knowledge about the most common mistakes that beginners make while clicking a snap and how these mistakes can be avoided. It will provide you complete understanding of :

  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO and
  • Depth of field
  • Exposure and metering
  • Selection of camera’s white balance
  • Selection of best lenses
  • Usage of filters
  • Panoramic shots
  • How to focus correctly
  • Selection of best equipment for your camera
  • Getting natural HDR
  • Usage of Tripod
  • Clicking snaps in low-light situations
  • Clicking high quality photographs in the night without using flash or tripod
  • Controlling the mood of a portrait by using the light correctly in relation to your subject
  • Usage of effective light modifiers to set the right mood of the image
  • Learn about what software will complement your work.

So, you see there’s a lot to learn as there is a lot of information that people are not aware of. There are many things that photographers learn with their own experience but never share it with others to avoid tough competition.

This course will take you to a very high level in photography even if you have never done a college course in photography. Yes, you can be successful in the field of photography even if you have never undergone formal training in it.

These tutorials will teach you how to capture professional photographs with any kind of a DSLR camera. Photography master class is definitely the best and fastest way to polish photography skills.

What does this Product comprise of?

Now a quick look at the product: it has 4 modules that provide total of 29 videos.

photography masterclass-module1

  1. Mastering Your Digital SLR camera

    • Comprises of nine videos
    • Total 2 hrs and 26 minutes
    • Cost: $97
    • Focuses on:
      • Fundamentals of photography with DSLR
      • How to use the camera in full manual mode
      • How to shoot indoors and outdoors in low as well as bright light environments
      • How to shoot in RAW
      • How to read a histogram

photography masterclass-module2


  1. Photography Equipment

    • Comprises of six videos
    • Total 2 hours and 33 minutes
    • Cost: $77
    • Focuses on:
      • Camera bodies
      • Camera Features
      • Lens types and configurations
      • Filters
      • Lighting
      • Accessories



  1. Composition and Shot planning

    • Comprises of 9 videos
    • Total time: 3 hours and 35 minutes
    • Cost: $197
    • Focuses on:
      • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
      • Psychological triggers
      • Framing, Balance and Color
      • The Rule of Thirds
      • Leading lines
      • Symmetry and pattern
      • Depth of field and field of view
      • Dynamic, motions and mergers
      • Outdoor Light Managementphotography masterclass-module4
  2. Post Production software

    • Comprises of 5 videos
    • Total time: 2 hours and 52 minutes
    • Cost: $97
    • Focuses on:
      • How to use Adobe Lightroom
      • How to use Photoshop elements
      • Use full version of Adobe Photoshop and create amazing photographs
      • How to use trial programs to save money
      • Adobe products and their comparison
      • Which software is best for you


The benefit of using Photography master class is that you can view these video tutorials as and when you get time from the comfort of your home. Whenever you have any doubt, all you need to do is go to that section of the video and watch it again. You can skip the sections that you already know and learn this art as per your convenience. These tutorials are highly recommended for those who aspire to be a good photographer.