The Ultimate Guide On How To Use DSLR Camera For Beginners

DSLR camera is a must for those who have great interest in photography and videography. However, beginners should understand that photography or videography is an art and just putting your DSLR in auto mode will not create the kind of snaps that you see in newspapers and magazines.

Don’t get discouraged by the size of the manual that comes along with the camera. What you actually require is organized information. The manual that comes along explains the features of the camera, but it will not talk about those special tips and tricks that put life in the picture.

Guide on How to Use DSLR Camera for Beginners

Many people take ages to perfect the art of photography and it is a common belief that one has to put in years of effort to learn photography with DSLR camera. However, I believe that the reason why most people take so much of time is because they don’t learn under right guidance and in an organized manner.

DSLR comes with pre-programmed settings for optimum shutter speed and aperture value for clicking photographs. This feature can help a beginner to start off instantly with photography session, it can also be of great help to professional photographers however there is no point buying a DSLR camera if you are not going to explore and use the features that come along with it.

DSLR has several types of modes such as the portrait mode to put the entire focus of the shot on the person who is in the front and keeps the background blurred. Macro mode allows you to click large and clear snaps of objects that are small and tiny. Images of insects are generally clicked under this mode.

Landscape mode helps in capturing scenic beauties and sports mode helps in capturing action. There are many more useful features available in a DSLR camera.

Mastering photography with Photography Master Class


If you know the basic functions of a DSLR camera but still your snaps are just about average then you require guidance from an expert. This is where photography master class can help you. The step by step tutorials offered by this product will help you master the art of photography with ease.

Photography masterclass

Photography master class by Mr. Evan Sharboneau has helped millions of people worldwide to click amazing photographs from their DSLR camera. The first thing that you need to understand is that photography requires certain skills. You cannot blame the camera for poor snapshots. If you are serious about photography then you will have to first understand you weak areas.

You need guidance:

  1. If you are not able to click clear and well defined snaps from your DSLR camera.
  2. If you feel that you DSLR camera is not good enough and you feel that your equipment needs to get upgraded.
  3. If you feel under confident about photography inspite of knowing the features of your DSLR camera.

The internet is full of information but it is not possible to get everything in one place. You will either find the same piece of information repeating again and again or you will find no relation between two articles on the same subject.

Compiling information about photography with DSLR camera is in itself a big jigsaw puzzle. It is a good idea to join classes but if you are already in some other profession then it is difficult to take out time for this hobby and photography classes generally cost a lot.

What you actually require is easy to follow step by step tutorials that can take you from basic to advanced level in a relaxed and easy manner. You can follow such a program from the comfort of your home and take your own time to complete it. This way you will actually enjoy learning photography.

If you don’t learn in an organized manner then you will only get confused. It is not time but the quality of learning process that makes a good photographer.

 Benefits of using photography master class:

There are several benefits of using photograph master class. This kit will teach you:

  1. How to identify the right DSLR camera for your need especially, if you have a fixed budget.
  2. How to get all desired features with any kind of DSLR camera
  3. How to hold the camera
  4. How to click professional photographs.
  5. How to avoid the common mistakes that beginners make.
  6. How to provide complete control over motion and depth of field:
  7. How to decide what is the right time for clicking a photograph so that you get the right effect.
  8. How to use the concept of exposure and metering so that the pictures are neither too dark nor too bright.
  9. How to use the effect of white balance so that the photograph does not display any kind of incorrect colors that spoil the picture effect.
  10. How to click panoramic shots.
  11. How to focus.
  12. How to pick additional equipments (flash, filters, tripod etc.) that can be used along with the camera for photography.
  13. How to use external flash, filters and HDR.
  14. How to correctly use a tripod.
  15. How to click a correct photograph in low-light situation so that there is no blur or noise.
  16. How to click a snap in the night time without flash or a tripod.
  17. How to use light in relation to the object to get the right portrait mood.
  18. How to select right software package that is in line with your needs and budget.
  19. How the images can be edited using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop software.

So, you can see that this kit will teach you everything that you need to know about photography using DSLR camera, but in a steady and an organized manner. This will save you a lot of time and effort. You can get an access to all this through Photography Masterclass which comprises of 29 videos having a total time of 11 hours and 26 minutes.

For better understanding these 29 videos have been divided into 4 modules:

  1. Mastering your digital SLR camera: that comprises of 9 videos of total time of 2 hours and 26 minutes. This module will teach you how the DSLR camera functions in a manner that is much simpler than the instructions given in the manufacturer’s book. This module is priced at $97.
  2. Photography Equipment: This 2 hours and 33 minutes long video explains the photography equipment that can help you in mastering this art. You can own this module for a reasonable price of $77.
  3. Composition and shot planning: This module is about professional photography. It is good for those who want to sell their photographs or want to get their snaps published in well reputed magazines.
    This module will teach you about psychological triggers, framing, balance, colors, leading lines, symmetry, pattern, depth of field, field of view, dynamics, motion, mergers, outdoor light management and much more. So, basically it is for advanced level DSLR photography. You can order one for you at a price of $197.
  4. Post-production and software: This module will tell you what software would compliment your photography skills. It will provide an honest comparison of Adobe products.
    How to use trial copies of relevant programs to suit your requirement, how to use Adobe lightroom to develop images and much more. The price of this module is $97. It will teach you how to use some important tools to convert average clicks to amazing photographs.

The total cost of all four modules is $468 and in addition to this you can also order for:

  1. DSLR Camera Equipment guide for $27
  2. Portrait mood simulator for $13
  3. Virtual lighting Simulator for $19

The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide to DSLR Video

FroKnowsPhoto is a fast track learning system that can help anyone learn how to shoot world class videos. FroknowsPhoto offers a very powerful guide that can help you shoot professional videos irrespective of your present photography skills. You can opt for an instant digital download for $97 or physical DVD and Data disc for $107. This is a brand new video guide that will allow you to shoot any type of video with your DSLR. You can learn about the secret of how professionals work.


Many people think that it takes years to master the art of videography but with FroKnowsPhoto you can become a champion in a matter of few days. In other words you can say that it will provide the shortest path to success.

In this learning kit you get to learn how an award winning film maker and photographer goes about creating awesome HD videos. So, coming to the key features of this kit you will learn

  1. how to shoot any kind of video in a systematic manner
  2. What are the rules and secrets behind amazing videos
  3. How to shoot a video directly from an award winning filmmaker
  4. How to undergo transition from stills to videos

This learning kit can be of great help if you want to know how to master the art of creating professional videos with any kind of DSLR camera. The first section of this product comprises of:

  1. Camera basics for video along with recommended equipment, the right kind of memory cards, guide to different sensor size and best practices to avoid issues while shooting.
  2. Importance of frame rate and how to manage 24, 30 and 60 frames per second, best practice for capturing slow motion footage. Also learn how to get a cinematic “film look” with your DSLR and how to make your videos look crisp and clean.
  3. What is the best resolution for shooting a video. Learn how to identify if your camera is automatically lowering your resolution and how to prevent it from happening again. Keep up with the industry standards and future proof your work.

The second section talks about:

  1. Exposure triangle for video
  2. How the shutter speed is different for video
  3. Selection of Aperture
  4. Determining the ISO for your work
  5. Importance of picture styles
  6. How to stabilize your camera
  7. Getting a smooth camera movement

The third section is about:

  1. Simple 3 point lighting demonstration
  2. Capturing audio
  3. Composition and covering
  4. How to maintain continuous action and consistent details in scenes.
  5. The 180 degree rule and the strategy to apply it on your shoots.

Nikon D5200 Manual


Those who own a D5200 – the new Nikon camera or are planning to buy one must consider purchasing this amazing manual just for $10 from here.

There are several reasons why you should purchase it. First of all, it has compiled all kinds of queries that D5200 owners have had. It also tells you about various types of tricks and tips that can be implemented. Wherever, in depth understanding is required, the manual offers clickable links to its YouTube channel.

The manual comprises of 40+ pages of information only on how to shoot videos with the D5200. The manual in itself is over 120 pages in size. Although the product is marked at a very small price of $10 but it still offers full money back guarantee if not satisfied.