Learn How To Use DSLR For Video Shoot

It is a common belief that it is not easy to become a videographer especially if you have a DSLR camera. Most people believe that there are lots of complications associated with DSLR camera and the learning process may not be easy. Well, not any more, you can learn how to use DSLR for videos with the help of FroKnowsPhoto six hours video tutorials.

FroKnowsPhoto six hours

Owning a DSLR camera does not mean that you would be able to capture professional videos just by pressing the ‘Record’ button. The concept of shooting videos with a DSLR camera is very different from shooting videos from your mobile or a regular point and shoot kind of camera. Most of you may have already realized this and that’s why you are here reading this page.

So, how do you start learning? From where to begin? ….. And if you are already in some other profession then how to find the time to learn videography with your DSLR camera? These are some common issues that discourage many people from pursuing a course in videography. Till some time back I was also one of them.

I have too many commitments in life and I have always been unsure about joining a course in videography for two reasons:

(1) Such courses are expensive and

(2) I am not sure if I can stay attentive in class because there are so many things going in my mind.

If I can’t pay attention then I am just wasting my hard earned money. I opted for FroKnowsPhoto because I really wanted to learn how to use DSLR for videos and this guide allowed me to learn in my free time from the comfort of my home.

However, it is the content of this guide that impressed me the most, it has taught me more than what I was expecting. FroKnowsPhoto offers a fast track learning system on how to use DSLR for video. It compiles all the techniques used by professional photographers and videographers across the world while working on DSLR camera.

What does FroKnowsPhoto has in store for me?

This guide will teach you:

  • How to shoot any type of video with your DSLR camera.
  • How to polish your skills so that you can start earning.
  • The tips and techniques implemented by renowned filmmakers and photographers in shooting high quality videos.

Filmmaker Caliph Gamble who is a Full Sail Graduate states that he too has learnt a lot from this Guide. He felt that there are many things in this six hours video that were not taught in his two years degree course. So, you see even graduates in the field of photography and videography are finding FroKnowsPhoto more useful than a well defined university syllabus.

Caliph Gamble
The reason behind the success of FroKnowsPhoto is the different approach that is follows in imparting knowledge. You can spend hours reading technical books and still not understand the entire concept clearly. At least I don’t. However, learning through videos is an altogether different concept. You learn so much in so less time. When you see the practical implementation it is easier for you to register and retain that information.

Videos offered by FroKnowsPhoto has several benefits. You can repeat and watch important sections again and again and you can skip sections that you already know. There is no restriction on how you want to follow your lessons. I work five days a week and get free time only during weekends. So, I watched videos during the weekend and spent free time during weekdays in implementing what I have learnt. Within no time I was shooting like a pro. Even now if I have any doubt I know where to refer and get it clarified.

Besides practical knowledge, FroKnowsPhoto also reveals the secret behind the success of an award winning filmmaker’s work. It will take you behind the scenes of a real shoot and explain good decisions have positive impact on the quality of videos and how it is different from regular photography.

With the help of these videos you will be able to:

  • Shoot videos
  • Direct videos
  • Produce videos
  • Edit videos

This is a very valuable guide and irrespective of your background you are bound to learn a lot from here.

DSLR is ideal for clicking any type of video such as:

  • Interviews
  • Electronics press
  • Music videos
  • Movies
  • Sporting events
  • Weddings
  • Corporate videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Training and instructional videos
  • Personal family videos

The list is endless. I personally feel that if you are interested in shooting any type of the above mentioned videos then FroKnowsPhoto is the right guide for you.

The Three Sections of FroKnowsPhoto

First Section

The first section of the video comprises of information related to Camera basics and it applies to Full Frame, Cropped Sensor, Mirrorless or Micro 4/3rds camera. This section will quickly refresh some best practices when venturing into shooting video. This section will also talk about:

  • Recommended equipment setup for shooting videos.
  • What type of memory cards to use for video and why this is different from still photos
  • Information on sensor sizes, including the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Best practices to avoid making mistakes while shooting videos.
  • Learn about the importance of Frame Rate:
    Selection of frame rate is one of the most important decisions that you take while shooting a video.
    Selection of frame rate greatly affects the quality of videos and in section you will understand the difference between various frame rates.
    Here you will also learn:

    • How to master various frame rates and when to use each
    • Best practices for capturing slow motion footage
    • Get the cinematic “film look” with your DSLR camera
    • How a simple adjustment cangive a clean and crisp look to your videos
  • What is the BEST Resolution for shooting a video
    • Benefit of shooting video at your camera’s highest resolution
    • How to know if your camera is automatically lowering its own resolution and take necessary corrective measures
    • How to “future proof” your work so that you areup and above industry standards

Second Section

  • Video Exposure Triangle: Like in case of photography, exposure triangle is essential for creating videos as well. Here you would learn:
    • What parts of the exposure triangle one should focus on locking in and how it is different from the concept applied on stills.
    • Understand the concept by watching a demonstration on video exposure triangle
  • How the concept of shutter speed changes in case of video
    • Determine the exact shutter speed for shooting videos.
    • How shutter speed for photos differs from shutter speed for videos.
    • What happens if you shoot a video at a much faster shutter speed
  • Aperture
    • Simple way to ensure that your videos are always in focus
    • Learn when to shoot wide open and when to shoot closed down
    • Make your videos even more interesting with selective focus method
  • ISO
    • How to determine how to use high or low ISO to use in each shot.
    • Drastic lowering of your ISO with one simple adjustment.
    • Use higher ISO to gain the “artistic look”.
  • Importance of picture styles
    • How to ensure that your picture style is always set properly.
    • Safeguards to ensure that you don’t set your styles wrong.
    • Understand what an acceptable picture style is.
  • Learn how to Stabilize Your Camera
  • Learn about professional camera movement

Third Section

  • The Simple 3 Point Lighting Demonstration
    • Learn to build a simple lighting setup that can be used on almost any shoot
    • Learn to create more dimension by making slight changes to your key and fill lights
    • Learn when to use natural or artificial lighting
  • Understand Audio Capture along with complete guidance on microphone options.
  • Composition and Coverage – how it is different from photography.
    • Guiding the audience to what is important in the scene
    • How to position your camera to tell the exact story you want
    • How to create a “character axis” before shooting any scenes
  • How to maintain continuous action and consistent detail in the video scenes
  • The 180 Degree Rule and how to implement it.

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FroKnowsPhoto is available for instant digital download for $97 or you can also order a physical DVD or a Data Disc for $107. So, If you have bought your DSLR camera and you just can’t wait to start off as a professional videographer then you may try learning this art through FroKnowsPhoto guide. It will reveal all the hidden power in your DSLR which will take you to an all together different level of creating videos.


FroKnowsPhoto is a systematic and well organized guide on how to use DSLR for video, which I would recommend to all those who want to master this art in a short span of time from the comfort of their home.