How To Watch YouTube In Slow Motion With Video Surgeon?

YouTube is a place where you can find videos related to any topic. Sometimes you may even wish to analyze a particular video available on YouTube in slow motion. With the help of Video Surgeon you can now watch YouTube videos in slow motion. It allows you to download the video and apply changes to it in order to watch every frame in detail.

How to watch YouTube in slow motion?

Video downloading feature in Video Surgeon has been designed specifically to provide reliability while downloading from YouTube. With the help of Video Surgeon you can download videos at high speed.

The video surgeon has a ‘Sniffer’ button that offers two options:

1. Main Sniffer
2. YouTube Sniffer

The ‘Main Sniffer’ works on 90% of the websites. Main Sniffer respects sites that have implemented code to prevent people from downloading videos from their pages. On the other hand, YouTube is constantly undergoing changes so to overcome this issue, Video Surgeon has incorporated a ‘YouTube Sniffer’ feature that can cope up with the ongoing changes on the YouTube site.


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How does the YouTube sniffer work?


In order to use the ‘YouTube Sniffer’ click on the Sniffer button.

It will show you the two options mentioned above. Click on ‘YouTube Sniffer’ as shown below:

Once you click on this option a small window will pop up where you will have to provide the url of the video.


Now, go to YouTube and click on the video that you want to analyze and copy the URL of that video. Paste the copied URL in the text box shown in the above illustration of YouTube Sniffer box. Now you have two options:
1. Download and Play
2. Download Only


If you go for the first options i.e. download and play, you will be prompted to select the right extension for this video. If you want to zoom into a video while in slow motion then it is better to select the option that is larger in pixel size. It would not be wise to go for a smaller size video as it would be highly pixilated when you try to zoom into the details.


I have selected the first option so that I can have a higher quality video when I zoom in. You will be then asked to mention a name where you would like to save the video. The video is saved in the ‘Video Surgeon 2’ directory.


The video starts downloading and you would be shown how it is progressing percentage wise as shown below:



Once the video has been downloaded it is ready to play and you can watch it in slow motion by changing the tempo.

How to watch the downloaded YouTube video in slow motion?

Once the video is downloaded it will start playing in the main video screen and to watch it in slow motion you just have to reduce its tempo. The minimum limit of the tempo is 25% of the original speed.


So, you can see in the above illustration, I have reduced the tempo of the video to 36.26% to watch my favorite video in slow motion.

Is it possible to view a YouTube video at a tempo less than 25%?

Well , the answer is yes but you will have to follow some steps:

  1. Open the downloaded video in Video Surgeon and set the tempo to 25%.


2. Now click on the Export  button and select the first option – ‘Export Entire Video’


Now give a file name


Now click on the ‘OK’ button, following pop up window will appear showing how much percentage of the video has been exported.


This step creates a new video file which plays the entire video at 25% of the actual speed.

3. Once the video has been exported you can open it in the Video surgeon and watch it in slow motion at a speed less than 25% of the original speed by reducing the tempo.


Video Surgeon simplifies the process of downloading YouTube videos. It is faster than most of the other software available for this purpose. The steps involved in watching YouTube video in slow motion are very simple. I would recommend you to try the four hour free demo version of this software to understand how it works.


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