How To Wear A Toboggan Hat With Style?

how to wear toboggan hat

Many people do not know that a knitted winter hat is also called a toboggan in some parts of the United States. The toboggan hat is called by many other names including ski hat, sock hat, toque or even beanie. The toboggan is intended to be worn when it’s cold, to keep one warm but this doesn’t stop some fashionistas to try and use it for everyday wear no matter the weather outside. As a general rule, this hat is a tight fitting one, but some of large size does exist. Some can be folded or rolled up making it thicker, while others can’t.

When it’s too hot to wear a hat the trick is to use some hair pins and to place the hat on the top of the head. Wearing a hat like this is girlie style and not something the guys would choose. If the yarn used for the hat is thin then it’s easier to wear a toboggan during the warm months as well.

Now we know we need this type of hat to keep us warm, that we can wear it in summer too, but are there any other styles it can be worn? The short answer is “yes” but it usually depends on what the toboggan looks like and the occasion. These days we see mostly girls with long hair wearing it as it makes them look cuter and more innocent while adding a touch of personal style. If the hat is longer, wearing it on top of your head will make its top to drop a little. The part that drops can be let hanging at the back or it can be placed on a side making it look child like.

If you plan on wearing a toboggan pay attention to what clothes you’re choosing and this hat is a casual, sporty type of winter hat. If you want to wear it with a dress, make sure you’re wearing one right above the knees, with ankle or knee, flat sole boots and a cardigan or a jeans jacket. Jeans, the pants, fit the toboggan hat the best if you take a look online at pictures of people wearing it.

One undeniable feature of this hat is that it can be worn by everyone no matter how young or old they are and regardless of their gender. Surely, only teens and adults will wear a toboggan hat in the most fashionable way while kids and elders will use it for its main purpose, to be kept warm.