Birthday Ideas For Your Husband In The Winter To Enjoy

With colder temperatures setting in and winter snows on their way, it’s tempting to hunker down at home with just a cake, a card, and a gift, wishing your husband “Happy Birthday” before you both settle down in front of the TV on your couch under a big fleece blanket for the rest of the evening.  First up: “The Walking Dead.”

But winter definitely has its own particular pleasures, so why not embrace the season by enjoying a fun winter birthday party activity with your family and friends to create some warm memories for his birthday this year?  You know that “The Walking Dead” will still be there On Demand….

1. Ice Skating Party

One good winter time activity for your husband’s birthday is to throw an ice-skating party.  Those who aren’t too sure on their skates or are new to skating can pair up with those who are more experienced so that everyone can enjoy the ice.  If you have kids coming to the event, it’s a great opportunity for them to learn how to skate with so many supportive adults around from your group.  Most rinks do have party rooms available that you should reserve right away (you may want to personalize the space a little bit with a few items you might already have at home or can readily pick up such as a tablecloth, balloons, and banners because these rooms can look a little sparse with their bright lights and plain white walls).  Rinks generally provide both food and drinks, so you don’t have to bring anything but the cake – and ice cream if you dare!  If you and your friends have a sense of whimsy, you could also provide some bright neon wigs for everyone to wear so that you can all recognize each other on the ice, or you can ask everyone to come wearing a ridiculous, standout hat (and, yes, I’ve worn both!)  After warming up on the ice, post skate, why not invite everyone back for some homemade creamy hot chocolate to wrap up the evening?

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

2. Watch Hockey

For those of you whose husbands enjoy watching hockey rather than skating themselves – and if your area has a local team – you may want to snap up some near-to-your-husband’s-birthday-date tickets for a day out together, reserving a table at a nearby restaurant for some post-game play by plays.  However, with only 23 USA teams in the league, you may be living in an area that is not as hockey mad as I do (the Pittsburgh Penguins are not just a beloved team here but even my nephew in Switzerland knows about the players and is a fan), so check out some other ideas below.

Watching Hockey


3. Snow Tubing

My personal favorite winter activity is snow tubing – and, because it does not require any special skills, everybody can join in – old and young alike.  As with ice skating, you can definitely invite an eclectic group of friends and family to this event.   The only major safety rule for snow tubing is to make sure that the person who goes down before you has completely gotten up out of their tube and has started to walk away.  For this reason, children should be supervised just in case, in their eagerness to get on the slide, they go down too soon.  One thing I enjoyed doing with my friends was linking up the tubes to create chains; chains definitely go down the hill faster than singles!  Just check times at your local slopes and calculate total driving time to make sure you get to the location with enough time to sign up and get ready for the time you have picked.  To make sure all your friends get to the session together, you may want to email maps and starting driving times to them or have everyone drive to your place to head off together.  It would be a shame for anyone to miss out because they arrive too late to join in.  Also, you might want to check out if group rates are available.  Most sessions last two hours, and some locations are attached to restaurants as well as other amusements, like mini golf and arcades, so you can continue the party nearby.  And larger resorts offer even more outdoor activities than just snow tubing – or even skiing.  You could enjoy a sleigh ride, go snow shoeing across country with or without a guide, and even take out a snow mobile for a full-speed, cross terrain chase!  (Kids can pair up with adults as snow mobiles, like motor bikes, seat two.)  Just make sure to really bundle up for this activity as only the windshield stands between you and the air whooshing by.

Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing

4. Local Ski Resort

If you would prefer a quieter, more relaxing way to celebrate his birthday, you can still spend a day or the weekend at your local ski resort and indulge in a little pampering while gazing out at the beautiful scenery from the warmth and safety of indoors as you two cozy up together in some nook by the fireplace.  Spa treatments are likely to be available if you’d like for you and your husband, and resorts are very kid friendly – some offering a lot more services than you might originally think, such as indoor pools, game rooms, roller skating rinks, and bowling alleys.

Local Ski Resorts

You know, I used to feel sorry for my cousin Christine whose birthday fell on Boxing Day – the day after Christmas.  Being a summer-born child, I couldn’t fathom having a birthday so close to Christmas: how could it be fun getting gifts right after Christmas?  It seemed too horrible to contemplate!  I guess for a lot of young kids, summer seems to be the best season regardless of where one’s birthday fell on the calendar because, time off school, how great was that?  Running wild outside with my friends, enjoying days at the pool, playing in the park.  Pure. Heaven.  But who’s to say that the fun has to stop as soon as temperatures drop below 40?

Of course every season has its own joys and wonder, and we’re really only limited by our imaginations.  Whatever you ultimately decide to do to take your husband’s birthday party outdoors, it’ll be just what you both need to rejuvenate from your busy, everyday routines.  Take the party outdoors this winter, and treat your partner to a fun-packed and memorable day with all your family and friends.