Last Minute Special Anniversary Gifts For Him To Feel Like The Man

“June is for brides.” When you marry in June, so the saying goes, you are married for life. This popular month for weddings stems from the fact that the month of June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, who conferred on those who married during her season guaranteed happiness and prosperity.

Historically, there have been more practical considerations for choosing early summer. It seems that in medieval times, people would take their annual (!) bath at the end of spring, so everyone at a June wedding would smell their best!

It also meant that any pregnancies that might soon occur would not interfere with upcoming harvest work – and gave Spring-born children a survival advantage as they grew during the warmer, more fruitful months of the year. So June worked well as the traditional month for weddings.

But in my family, something strange happened.  I have one brother and two sisters, and, when including my parents, my family’s wedding anniversaries fall in October, November, December, and January.  I guess we’re not a very traditional bunch!

For those celebrating an anniversary in the coming months (Congratulations!), here are some gift ideas for your loved one:

How to Choose Special Anniversary Gifts for Him?

Tapping into his hobbies and giving him something he needs to elevate him would make the perfect gift.  For example, if your husband loves to cook, you can get him a set of chef knives, like Miyabi Chef knifes or Kyocera Ceramic knifes.

If your husband loves to run, the Fitbit Charge is another idea I read about this month.  It will track his activity (steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, and sleep duration) and show time and incoming calls.  Other ideas for an active person are a pair of sunglasses that are sturdy and effective for outdoor activities or cordless headphones.  Glasses like the Bliz Tracker sunglasses that have two sets of lenses – one for cloudy days and the other for sunny skies – are a good choice. And the latest, hippest headphones are Beats by Dre Studio Wireless headphones.  They are pricy, but they would make working out simpler and more enjoyable!

Active man

For the amateur photographer, there are many products that could add to his collection.  Tripods, lenses, filters, programmes like photoshop can all improve his shots. Here are some other programmes to think about.  For a fun addition, there’s the Kodak PixPro SP360 Action Cam that creates full-circle photos and videos.  It allows him to take dome, panorama, ring, and segment photos, great for action shots.

Besides hobbies, you can think of something that is a big part of his everyday life and improve that.  For example, I know some people just can’t function – or be coherent – without a cup of coffee in the morning.  For coffee lovers, the ROK Espresso Maker allows him to control the grind strength and is ready in less than five minutes.  For those who can’t wait – and who like to drink while they commute – there’s also the On the Go Personal Coffee maker from capresso that has a built in 16oz stainless-steel travel mug.  In fact, the entire machine can be used at work for all-day coffee.

Portrait of a man drinking from an espresso cup

For those who prefer cognac and whiskey to coffee, you can purchase a set of a decanter and glasses or a personalized oak or whiskey barrel as well as a book about wine, such as Wine with Food: Pairing Notes from the New York Times or a rare bottle of wine.

Vintage half dollar money clips or silver buffalo nickel cufflinks are a cool way of fulfilling an everyday function.  And if he’s a baseball fan, you can get cufflinks made of actual game-used baseballs (the laces make up the central design) or get a personalized baseball (or football) team history book for the super fan.

Man in cufflinks

Of course, a classic gift for a male is a cool or elegant watch.  Watches can run the gambit all the way up to vintage Rolex watches from the 70s and 80s whose starting prices are $3,200!  But there are so many choices out there that would fit your husband’s style – and your budget.

My nephew is a particular connoisseur and collector of watches, and he gave me the following advice for reasonably priced, good quality watches.  There are a lot of options under $200 that are value for money, starting with the Seiko 5 series. These are quartz watches, which have the benefits of being easy to service, and Seiko is extremely reliable. Citizen also has a multitude of styles of watches under $200 and is equally as reliable as Seiko. Besides the more elegant dress watches, don’t forget that there are also outdoor/practical types, such as field watches or chronographs.

Man in Rolex

When looking at automatics, then a good choice to look at is the Orient brand. They are not well known and are underrated even by those who have heard of them. For a bargain dress watch, the Orient Bambino is probably the most recommended watch on the watch forum that my nephew frequents. Orient also has two great dive watches, the Ray and the Mako (Seiko also makes a couple of great dive watches, the SKX007 and SKX009. These are very highly regarded and are considered among the best cost-to-value dive watches).

Casio is the other brand with good bargain watches, specifically the G-Shock digital watches. There are many different G-Shocks, and some run into the $400-500 range, but many are under $200, especially on sale or with discounts (such as from Kohls). G-Shocks are recognized for their toughness, and, being digital, they can have many features, like alarm, stopwatch, multiple time zones, etc.  Casio also has a nice chronograph line.

If your husband already has a nice watch (or two), you may want to get him accessories for it, such as a nice wood watch box to store them in, a watch winder, and watch-strap changing tools.

But if you want a romantic way to commemorate your special day, why not order a unique piece of art?  Here’s myDaVinci, a site that my niece used (she says she had caricatures made of both of them because my nephew has a sense of humour)  or you can have a printed book made to reflect the twists and turns of your relationship over the years and your feelings for your husband at LoveBook. I particularly like these two ideas because they are creative, unusual, and extremely personal.

Below are a few more ideas that a couple of my male friends suggested that would also be great gifts for your husband. You can find them easily at

Love Note Collar Stays

Love Note Collar Stays

Make it personal by adding your special message to his collar. Won’t the thought of him wearing your love message all day make you smile?


Personalized World Travel Map

Personalized World Travel Map

Imagine making your next get away together on this personalized world travel map, isn’t that romantic?


Professional BBQ Tools


Professional BBQ Tools

If you love meat and he likes to BBQ, why not encourage it? It’s a win win!


Guitar Pick Punch


Guitar Pick Punch

If your man is a music enthusiast or just have passion for music, spice it up with this guitar pick punch.


dresser valet


Java Charging Valet and Electronics Station Organizer

If your man has way too many cool gadgets, why not help him organize a bit with this?