NaturOli Soap Nuts Shampoo- A Good One To Try

There are plenty of natural shampoos out in the market. While some have received positive reviews from the users some of them seem to be ineffective mixture of different ingredients packed in ‘natural looking’ bottles. Here I am going to review one of the very best natural shampoos that are out there named NaturOli Soap Nuts Shampoo. It has been in the market for quite a while now and has become very popular.

NaturOli Soap Nuts Shampoo


Soap nuts or soap berries are the unique ingredient of this shampoo. Soap nuts have been in use for centuries in herbal products for its strong cleaning properties. It is highly effective and pretty gentle simultaneously. Among other ingredients it has green tea extract, Jojoba seeds and olea europaea oil which is known as olive oil soap.

Customer Reviews

So far this shampoo has got 4.3 out of 5 stars form 55 customer reviews at amazon. Most of the users (33 of 55) rated this as a 5 star product while 11 rated this as a 4 star product. There are some negative reviews as well as 5 of the users rated this only 1 out of 5.

The Good

People have liked this shampoo because it cleans the hair thoroughly and does not weigh it down like so many regular shampoos. According to the users, it takes a while (one to two weeks) to make a visible difference but makes a real impact if you continue using. Another general remark has been that it gives your hair a lot of volume so it looks really good. It does not have any noticeable smell which is great if you do not like your hair to have the smell of lemon or flowers. Some reviewers commented that it keeps the hair free from dandruff and does not need conditioner- at least not every time you use it.

The Bad

The shampoo is a bit expensive than its competitors. A few reviewers complained that it strips off the natural oil in the hair even though many testify against it. So the only serious complaint is the price which is a tad higher but not out of the ceiling. Plus consider the fact that it saves most of the costs that go behind conditioners.

It is not possible for one shampoo to satisfy every customer. However, apart from one or two complaints which basically contradict each other (one review complaints that it strips the hair of oil while the other complaints that it makes hair oily!) this shampoo has worked really well with most of the users so it is worth a try at least once.