Top 4 Samsung Smart Camera Reviews That Are Worth Checking

Samsung has been releasing smart cameras that put a whole new spin on the traditional point and shoot style cameras and are making them look more like actual cameras instead of the smartphones they operate like.

With the range of smart cameras from Samsung you are now able to see clearer and cleaner images, use them as two way radios to communicate and use them as remote monitors in and around your home.

Read the Samsung Smart Camera Reviews to make an informed decision for your purchase

If you’re looking for a great investment that will go further than you ever thought possible, take a look at some of our recommended Samsung Smart Cameras!

1. Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full-HD Wi-Fi Camera


This great little SmartCam allows you to multi-stream up to 10 cameras at a time and makes sharing your images super easy. It has a 128 degree ultra-wide angle lens that gives you amazing coverage and with the true day and night wide dynamic feature you can rest assured that your images will always look real.

The micro SDXC memory card slot allows you to make use of the local storage. The built in two way talk feature, advanced motion and audio detection really makes this camera a great all-rounder and so much more than just something to take photos with.

2. Samsung SmartCam Wireless Day/Night Video Monitoring IP Camera

Samsung SmartCam Wireless Day/Night Video Monitoring IP Camera


This camera is great for use in scenarios where you need access control monitoring or for using as a baby monitor. It has been set up for Wi-Fi direct so sharing and streaming is a virtually effortless task.

The built-in mic and speaker works with the two way talk feature to enable easy communication functions and the built-in IR LED lamp really gives you powerful night vision at 5m/850nm.

This SmartCam has applied ICR that delivers clearer color imaging and you can monitor what it sees on a PC screen or your smartphone.

What’s really great is the fact that its powered with an auto notification function that immediately sends a notification via Google Drive, Picasa or Twitter whenever it detects motion or audio.

3. Samsung SmartCam HD SNH-E6411BN

Samsung SmartCam HD SNH-E6411BN Full HD 1080p WiFi Camera


This model of SmartCam also has a 128 Degree Ultra-Wide Angle Lens and comes with the Wi-Fi Direct Connection which allows you to setup your camera directly with your Smartphone or PC platform.

The Samsung Light Enhancer (SLE) allows you to capture images in true and vibrant colors and the fact that you can monitor activity on your PC or smartphone means you’ll also get immediate notifications when the camera detects movement or audio.

This camera also has a Motion Zone Select and the option to record directly onto the camera itself using a Micro SDXC.

4. Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor

Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor SNH-E6440BN Full HD 1080p WiFi Camera


This SmartCam was specifically designed for outdoor use and can handle a little wind and weather; it’s an IP66 weather resistant camera.

To use it requires virtually no set-up effort and it has very intuitive operation, together with 1080p Full HD Video Quality which means you’ll always get top quality images from this great camera.

It also has the same great features as the other SmartCam’s such as Motion Detection Zones and a micro SD slot for memory cards.

What’s really great about it though is the fact that it has a True Day and Night IR Cut Filter which means you’ll always get great color representations on you footage and images, and the fact that it has night vision up to 50 feet means you’ll be able to see in the dark much further than you thought possible.

Finding and buying a Samsung SmartCam really shouldn’t be that hard of a task when you have our recommendations in hand. They tell you exactly what you need to know about each model and help you see if they would be right for what you need them to do.

We especially like the HD Outdoor model because it still has all the attractive functions of the other SmartCam’s from Samsung but in addition f really delivers quite a powerful performance when it comes to night vision image recording.

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