Septum Piercing And Nose Ring Collection

Seeing people wearing septum jewelry is nothing unusual, no matter where one might be. In some parts of the world having the nose pierced right through the wall separating the nostrils is reserved for women only, married or not. In the same parts of the world men might also have their septum pierced for religious purposes. Sometimes this piercing can indicate one’s status in their community. Western culture uses a septum piercing either as a fashion statement either for personal expression, no matter one’s gender. Facial piercings, including the septum, are more common for the young population though, as with age, people start removing their piercings.

Five models of septum jewelry

Due to the size of one’s nose, there are about 5 models of septum jewelry that can be worn. All of them are equally popular among those who choose to pierce their septum. These models are:

1.CBRs, or captive bead rings

CBRs or captive bead ring


2.Infinity Rings

infinity rings



3.Horse Shoe Design

Horshoe Design







The first four can be used as body jewelry for other body places that are generally pierce. The retainers are plastic jewelry used to keep the piercing open or looking discreet for a workplace, where (septum) piercings are not seen as a good thing. The retainers are generally used to keep or to make a piercing appear more discreet. The horseshoe and the pincher designs look similar, but the former is the one that can be easily hidden inside the nose as it’s smaller than the later.
The pinchers generally look more masculine, as they’re quite big and they look similar to the ones worn traditionally by various tribes. However finding some on colors like pink or with checkerboard designs indicate they are popular among females as well. The pincher body jewelries are generally made of bones, stones and sometimes steel.

The supersized septum jewelry made an appearance on the runways as well, and we could see it at the Givenchy’s autumn/winter 2013 fashion show. Oversized “door knockers” were spotted on both the female and the male models. The sophisticated designs and sometimes double rings with accessories were the same for both genders as to clearly erase the gender differences. Of course, buying one of these could be out of question for many as their prices go up to around $600 depending on the model. Cheaper big “door knockers” septum piercing versions can be found at ASOS, for less than $10. Bodyartforms is a website where many types of body jewelry can be found for prices ranging from some $4 and up to $30, depending on how complicated the model is and what it is made of.

Celebrities helped spread the popularity of the septum piercings. Among them, male and female singers, models and actors alike have been seen sporting it. Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Karen Elson, androgynous model Andrej Pejic are just a few of the pierced celebrities. Most of them are wearing a small one, like Jessica Biel, while others went bold and used a larger one, almost the size a door knocker, as seen on Andrej Pejic. His look was most likely inspired by the Givenchy fashion show.