Septum Piercing Meaning – What Is It And How To Take Care Of It?

Nose piercings are a common practice, especially among teenagers and people who like the punk trends. Out of these, the septum piercings have been around since ancient times when the warriors in New Guinea used to have them done as to look more fierce and aggressive. Instead of jewelry, the warriors used pieces of bone and other similar materials in order to impress their enemies during battles and wars. The Mayans also had septum piercings done as a religious practice and the most popular materials used for them were gold, silver or jade.

There are split opinions on whether the septum piercing is a painful procedure but it mostly depends on your adrenaline levels as well as how sensitive you are to pain. Nowadays, the septum jewelry are seen as a way to give your face a distinct look and highlight your facial features. The trend is encountered in both males and females from all over the world and made a comeback on the punk rock scene.

The piercing is done by inserting specially designed septum jewelry through the skin underneath the middle of your nose. The area for a septum piercing is small so the piercing must be done carefully and only by a professional. Other parts of the nose can also be pierced: the nostrils, the septum, as mentioned, and the soft skin on the nose right between the eyes, called bridge.

After the piercing is done the area will remain swollen for a while and proper care is needed to assure no infections occur. On the first days the holes as well as the jewelry should be gently cleaned using warm water or a water and sea salt mix. Dip a q-tip in the salty water and gently clean the inside of your nose. If you can, purchase a H2Ocean spray from your local drugstore and use it along with the warm water when your hands are dirty. Lavender oil can also be used for cleaning and as an antiseptic and a few drops mixed in a glass of water will do the trick. Use the mixture every time you are taking a shower to speed up the healing. The septum piercing usually takes a long time to heal and will not be completely healed faster than 6 months, however the swelling should not last for more than a week.

It’s generally best if you leave your original septum jewelry on for at least 2 weeks after which it can be replaced with a new one. Most people choose to go back to the same parlor the second time around as to ensure the procedure goes smoothly and no issues arise. Sometimes piercing salons offer a free extra piercing along with the procedure, so you can take this into consideration before choosing a place.

Nickel is a metal well known for triggering an allergic reaction when in contact with skin for a long time, especially with an open wound like the piercing. Nickel can be found in great quantities in the jewelry made of gold and silver, thus best materials to use for a new piercing is surgical steel or a special type of plastic found in the retainers. Talk to the piercer about this issue beforehand, especially if you suffer from any form of allergy. Swelling and discomfort is normal for a new piercing that can last for up to a week or so. However, is these symptoms last for longer and you notice the area changed color or you get a fever, make sure to check with your doctor as these can be a sign of an allergic reaction.