Six 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of your parents is a very proud moment for every child. You would surely want to give your parents some wonderful presents on this special day.  The 30th Anniversary gift ideas for parents may be the traditional pearls and diamonds, or maybe you would want to give them something different to celebrate the occasion.

Here are some 30th anniversary gift ideas for parents:

Pearls and Diamonds


In the traditional way you can gift your parents a pearl gift. This can include beautiful items made of pearls like mother of pearls vases and dishes. For diamond gifts you can gift your parents a couple’s diamond eternity name band. If these are too costly for you, crystal bowls and vases are also good alternatives. Just like diamonds, crystals are classic and reflect light beautifully.

A Digital Camera


This kind of gift may come as a surprise for your parents since gadgets are not traditionally given to seniors. But, surely, they would love something that will capture happy moments they share together making it a perfect gift for couples nearing their senior years.  Make sure though that the digital camera is easy to use.

Luxury Spa Gift Pack


Instead of giving them a voucher for a day at a good spa, why not give them the option to enjoy the spa experience at the comfort of their own home.  There are many unique and practical 30th anniversary gift ideas for parents and this is definitely one that you can consider.



A scrap book may also be considered in this list of 30th anniversary gift ideas for parents.  It is thoughtful and has a personal touch to it.  The scrapbook can be a story of their life together.  You may include love letters and pictures from when they were still young until their senior years.  Add the special events in their lives – engagement, wedding, starting a family.  Even pictures of homes they lived in, first pet, first car and all other mementoes that you can include.  This is a heart-warming gift that will serve as a reminder of the love and life they share together.

A Lunch or Dinner Date


You can give your parents a gift certificate for a lunch or dinner date at a laid back restaurant or at one of their favorite places. If you can spend more then you can organize a party for your parents at one of their favorite restaurants with family and close friends to celebrate the occasion with them. This will certainly make their anniversary special.

A Trip

couple on a trip

There are also 30th anniversary gift ideas for parents that are found to be grand and expensive but hey, don’t they deserve it? An all expenses paid trip or cruise to one of their favorite vacation spots may break the bank but this will definitely put a smile on their faces.

The above mentioned are only some of the best 30th anniversary gift ideas for parents that you can consider and will certainly make your parents wedding anniversary special.

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