Ten Unique 1st Birthday Card Messages

The first birthday party is a huge occasion. The child is turning into one and it seems she was born just yesterday. Parents are elated and everyone’s happy. However, a very important fact is the child herself is never going to remember this and that is why cards are very important. Twenty years down the line she will be a young woman and she will look back to this occasion. How happy her parents were, how people celebrated this occasion- every detail is something that she will hold on to. Having no memory of the event she will look at two things which will hold on to that time- photos and cards. Cards are wonderful souvenirs for any occasion and even more so for this one. What you write on this card will be read over and over again. So here we are providing you with ten unique and funny birthday messages.

1. “You are the little star that lights our hearts”

Baby girls are great gifts to the people surrounding them. They laugh, they cry, they shout and let you feel their presence which is divine on its own right. What can be more inspiring than a baby smiling at you?

2. “Now that you are one….Have a wonderful day with a lot of fun.”

Just a message to celebrate the first birthday occasion.

3. “Always smile kiddo. Your smile is our inspiration.”

A card message showing how much you love the baby and what she means to you.

4. “Don’t sleep the day off. It is your first birthday!”

A bit humor pointing to the fact children usually sleep a lot.

5. “Pampers- Bye Bye. Skirts- Welcome!”

Though a kid won’t wear skirts from after her first birthday, it’s just a funny acknowledgement of her growing older.

6. “The first is always the best! Enjoy your best Birthday!!!”

7. “Now you have an age!!! Congrats on turning one and cheating zero!”

First birthday gives you some unique opportunities to be humorous. This message is one of them.

8. “My gift on your birthday will be to help you unwrap the gifts”

Pointing to the fact that the birthday girl is so small that she cannot unwrap her gifts. A bit humorous!

9. “The special one turns one! Happy Birthday!!!”

10. “Sleeping – Lying – Crawling – Birthday!!! Waiting to Watch You Run”