Thai Spice Nutritional Information

If you are a weight watcher but want to taste some delicious dishes without the fear of putting on an extra weight, then the best choice is Thai cuisine. Thai food has become very popular worldwide, not only because it is delicious and spicy, but also because of its nutritious value and health benefits. The ingredients used in Thai foods have healing properties and enormous health qualities.

Authentic Thai food - Tom Yum Goong

Health and healing benefits of some popular Thai spices


Lowers blood sugar levels, protects against stroke, prevents intestine gas formation, improves the health of the heart by preventing the formation of clots, reduces inflammation and stops the spread of prostate cancer and reduces the risk of stomach cancer.


Suppresses nausea and vomiting, stops muscle cramping, reduces pain and inflammation, lowers LDL Cholesterol, aids in digestion and alleviates high Blood Pressure.


Lowers Cholesterol, protects against various types of cancer such as colon cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and leukemia; has anti-fungal properties, reduces inflammation and pain, regulates blood sugar level, reduces the risks of heart attacks and stroke.


Antiseptic and antibacterial, natural treatment for arthritis, helps in controlling cancer, helps to clear skin blemishes, natural liver detoxifier and blood purifier.


Lowers bad cholesterol, lowers blood sugar level, prevents eye diseases, promotes liver function, promotes the nervous system, and helps to cure skin problems and good for menstrual flow.


Contains anti-inflammatory properties, improves blood circulation, is loaded with antioxidants, relief from diarrhea and reduces risk of cancer.


Powerful antioxidant, helps in weight loss, fights cancer, relieves cough and cold, improves dental health and is a good treatment for respiratory conditions.

Thai food

Now that you have understood the health benefits of Thai spices, won’t it be exciting to try growing them in your own garden? Well, it is not a hard task, it’s quite easy!!!

  • To grow chillies in your garden, you can either buy small chilli plants or grow them from seeds. Seeds are sowed in small pots. Cover with moist compost and sprinkle water when necessary. Once they start growing, you have to place them in individual pots. Remember the seeds need warmth to germinate.
  • To grow ginger, buy ginger root, soak in warm water overnight and plant the ginger one or two inches beneath the soil. Keep the soil moist. After about 10 months, when the leaves start falling off, it will be ready for harvest.
  • Garlic grows from individual clove and you can grow garlic in the garden or pot. Plant the clove in an upright position, in a light soil mix which is not too damp, about 25mm under the soil surface. The time to harvest is when the leaves of the plant turn to brown color and dies.
  • The turmeric rhizomes should be planted in warm soil about 5-7 cm deep and harvested about 9-10 months after planting when the leaves turn yellow and the stem dries.
  • Buy coriander seeds and sow them about 6mm deep in well drained soil about 10 cm apart. Keep the soil moist and fertilize monthly and the leaves can be harvested when the plant is about 4 inches tall.
  • Place a piece of Galangal about 5cm deep in well composted neutral and loamy soil in spring.  This can be harvested when all the leaves have died down.
  • Place pepper seeds in about ½ inch deep in rich soil in 75 to 80 degrees weather. Keep the soil damp and fertilized weekly. The pepper plants are vines, so give them support to grow. Harvest the peppercorns when the fruit turns red.

If you have not given Thai food a try, now is the best time to do so! Not only will you love the taste but it will also give your body the health benefits it needs.  Happy healthy eating!

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