Why Thai Spice And Thai Food Is Good For You?

A good dish is the combination of different elements of flavor and aroma.  This can be enhanced by adding some spices into it. Spices which are sweet, sour and chili are herbal by-products which are used in many countries to make special delicacies. An example would be the Thai spice which puts Thai cuisines in great demand nowadays.

Thai Cuisine

Today the most popular cuisines of a country are no longer restricted to that particular country. They have been introduced and are available around the world. Thai food for instance is now internationally recognized and we can see a huge number of Thai restaurants flourishing in different parts of the world. Thai food was not known in other countries before 1960 but due to local immigrants, Thai restaurants started opening up.  From just 3 to 4 Thai restaurants in the 70’s in UK and USA, today we find more than 5000 Thai restaurants in USA, with Anna’s True Thai Restaurant voted as 2013 Best Thai Restaurant [Readers Choice] City Pages’ Best of the Twin Cities. Thai cuisine is also the most popular cuisine in Denmark; one of the most popular dishes in Australia and westerners like it because of the blend of Thai spice.

History of Thai food

The traditional Thai way of cooking were stewing, baking and grilling. Frying was influenced by Chinese and it was the Portuguese missionaries that introduced chillies in 1600. The aquatic animals, plants and herbs were the main ingredients. The main flavors of Thai dishes are fresh herbs like lemon grass and galangal and coconut oil and coconut milk, and each dish has its own characteristic. Large chunks of meat were avoided because of Buddhist background and the meats were shredded and flavored with Thai spice, though most ingredients have only small quantity of meat. The major ingredients of Thai food are fish sauce, galangal, chilies and lime.

Why Thai Food is very popular?

Among the various popular foods such as Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican etc, Thai food is now becoming very popular globally because of various reasons such as

A very popular Thai delicacy which is a fusion of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavor of Thai spice is ‘Tom Yum’ a spicy clear soup which is the most popular soup in the world. The secret behind the success of this soup is the spices added to it. Lemongrass, galangal, fish sauce, lime leaves and chili paste give the soup the flavor, aroma and the hot, sweet and sour taste that has attracted millions of people worldwide.  It is made in different versions using shrimp, fish, chicken, fish, vegetables etc.  


So the next time you feel hungry, walk into a Thai restaurant and experience the various delicacies that Thai food has to offer, and enjoy the flavor of Thai spice.