Toboggan Hat Origin: Knowledge Is Power

toboggan hatFor those who do not know what a toboggan hat is then this article is for you.

It is a type of knitted hat that fits tightly on the head and many times it has a tassel or a pom pom on the crown. Other names for this hat are ski hat, burglar hat, sock hat or toque in Canada.
There are not many types of toboggan hats, but more models based on how they’re knitted and on where they have a tassel, a pom pom or nothing on top. In some parts of the English speaking world, they call a “beanie” rather than a “toboggan hat”.

It is important to point out though, in the United States a beanie is made of panels of fabric. The toboggan can be hand knit and this means that many types of stitches can be used to make it look unique.

The most popular model is the larger one that looks almost like a beanie. You’re more likely to find a toboggan with a pom pom instead of a tassel that makes it look childish.

Check this Wikipedia page for “Knit cap” to learn more about Toboggan hat origin since toboggan hat is a knit hat after all…. ha ha

toboggan with a pom pom

The most popular way to wear this hat is right on top of your head or pulled over your ears and a bit on your forehead. Be careful when pulling this hat too close to your eyes as it will start looking childish and unfashionable.

If you want to buy a toboggan hat, there are many places both on and offline selling them, for various prices. If you want a one of a kind knitted hat, then a website like etsy or even eBay is a good place to start searching. The prices start at around $10 and they usually depend on how complicated the pattern is. In case you want to knit your own, then the patterns are cheaper to buy. If you want something more affordable than this, consider a wholesale website like Aliexpress where the hats cost less than $4 per piece but you will need to buy some 20 pieces.

Fashion designers are not strangers to this trend and they too created nice hats for their customers. A designer toboggan hat will be more expensive. For instance, on net-a-porter, a Gucci knitted hat will cost 185 Euros, a Lanvin is almost 600 Euros and a Missoni costs 110 Euros.

This type of hat is a gender and age free, but if you’re making a toboggan for a girl it can be colorful, adorned with buttons, flowers and other girlie elements or it can have a complicated looking design. Guys will prefer dark colors, a simple design and usually no tassels or pom poms. Many adults are also seen wearing one of these but of more simple designs that usually have no tassels or pom poms.

Those who want to be stylish, they can choose to get some inspiration from some celebrities. For instance, AnnaLynne McCord, Taylor Swift or Elizabeth Olsen all wore a toboggan hat in a very stylish way. They used a larger model and pulled just 1 inch above their eyebrows. It doesn’t matter if you have bangs, straight or curly hair: all that matters is that you choose a color that fits you.