What Is Toboggan Or Beanie & Why You Should Care?

Toboggan Hat

Hats have a very long history as they have been worn since The best times. The hat has been worn for various reasons, such as protecting from the elements (sun, rain, snow), to show a person’s social status, to complete an outfit and so on. Depending on the weather, various types of hats can be found across the globe, with fur hats where it snows heavily and straw hats where it’s really hot or rains a lot. Generally, the more elaborate the hat is, the higher the ranking of the person wearing it. There are many types of hats: specific for the gender, gender neutral, specific for the occupation etc. Throughout history, the hat has changed its look, some are not being worn anymore and some are worn only for special occasions.

Toboggan or Beanie? – Depends on where you live

Based on where you live, you might think a toboggan is a type of wooden sled, but for those speaking Southern American English the toboggan is a knitted, tight fitting hat or cap. A toboggan hat is usually adorned with a tapering tail that has a tassel. Other names for the toboggan hat are ski hat, burglar beanie, sock cap, knit hat (cap), snookie, tuque and even chook.

When speaking to a person who never heard the term toboggan hat before, it is best you know why it was named such to explain it to them well. However there is no document that mentions when this term has been used for the first time. It is believed though that it was in the late 1920’s when the term has been introduced. It was used as “toboggan-cap” to refer to the hat used when riding the wooden sled. Literally, the toboggan is something that can’t be stopped once it starts going downhill. When putting one such hat on, a person could feel that it has no end. “Toboggan-bag” and “toboggan-chute” are other terms related to the sled.

This hat is worn during the cold months of the year to keep one’s head warm. A red toboggan hat was worn during the Patriotes Rebellion (1837) and thus became a symbol of the French-Canadian nationalism. The toboggan hat has a very sporty look and it should not be worn when going to the office, especially if you’re working for a corporation.

Wearing a toboggan hat is mostly popular among teens of both genders. Other age groups also wear it when jogging, especially during the cold months, in their spare time, while skiing and when performing other outdoor activities. This hat can be knit by hand and those who are talented enough use it to make really colorful toboggan hats. The colorful hats however are more popular among teen girls while guys and mature people prefer darker colors.

Teens prefer wearing these hats with sport shoes, jeans, tops and cardigans over and they usually like to wear matching scarves and gloves as well, especially with girls but guys have a similar outfit. One might see a girl wearing a toboggan hat with short skirts, sweaters, layered stockings and still some flat type of shoe on. Whatever your style be sure you can incorporate a toboggan hat in your outfit if it is cold enough.