Trending Now: Sell Old Phone For Cash

What do you normally do with your old cell phone after buying a new one? Put it in some drawer to keep or throw it in the trash? This is normally what everyone does, but, did you know that you can actually get cash if you sell old cell phones?

Cell phones thrown in the garbage can become a threat to the environment because it emits toxic components that pollute the air and the underground water.  This can be avoided by recycling your old phones, donating it to charitable institution or selling it for cash.  There are many online stores where you can sell old cell phones for cash. These companies purchase your old and unused cell phones, test it and send the phones for recycling. There is one company that I found that does all three: recycle, donate or sell old cell phones through their site, So, the good news is not only do you get paid for the cell phones you were thinking of just junking, but also, you get to help save the environment.

PaceButler Corporation was started in 1987, by Tom Pace and today, it is in the forefront of cell phone recycling industry in America. Cell phone selling is made easy by with its simple, fast and rewarding phone buyback program. In just three simple steps you can sell your old and unused cell phones and get paid:

  1. Get a Free Pre-paid shipping label
  2. Box and send your cell phone
  3. Get cash!

The company tests about 70,000 used cell phones every month, out of which about 22% of the unusable phones are sent for recycling, and thousands are paid daily to customers in 50 states. The company has been in business for the past 26 years and offers top-notch customer service.

I found the fastest way to sell old cell phones after selling my own old cell phones to this company. I was surprised to receive the payment within two business days. The rate they pay for old cell phones depends on the brand, model, working condition etc.  The company pays up to $150 for a phone that is in a very good condition. I got $25 for my Nokia Lumia which was certainly more than what was offered by the local retailer. The purchase price list shows that they really pay a fairly reasonable price for old cell phones. The company not only pays us but donates an educational notebook for every phone we sell. And, apart from this, each cell phone that we sell equals a chance to win $5000.

Just imagine! If you decide to sell old cell phones, not only do you get paid cash but you also get a chance to win $5000 and, you will be able to do your duty and make your contribution towards Green Revolution. Good deal!

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