What Is An Efficiency Apartment?

Today, we find that many people prefer to live in apartments than in houses because of various reasons such as price, security, amenities, maintenance problems, basic needs, convenience etc. If you want to live by yourself but can’t afford high-paying rents, then an efficiency apartment is the right choice.

What is an efficiency apartment?

An efficiency apartment is a small compact apartment which combines the living room, bedroom and kitchen in one big room and has a separate bathroom. These types of apartments are smaller than the studio apartments and range between 300 to 500 square feet, while the studio apartment is slightly bigger ranging from 500 to 600 square feet. As it is also known as bachelor’s apartment in some places, it is perfectly suitable for singles and students. Even a newly married couple can live in an efficiency apartment by maximizing the small space efficiently and making it comfortably livable.

An efficiency apartment is quite small. Maximizing and decorating a small space is quite challenging, but with a little bit of thinking, planning and creativity, you can make the best out of an efficiency apartment. Use appropriate furniture in the right places to make it cozy and comfortable for you to live in. The following tips will give you some ideas on how to make use of the small space, and set up your efficiency apartment.

1. Use multipurpose furniture such as sofa beds that can be used for sitting and sleeping and trunks that can be used as a table and storage space. You can select furniture that has hidden storage or tables that can be folded when not in use. Drop leaf tables are also a good choice. Down size your furniture and select those that are eye catching and look good in small spaces
2. Use partitions to define rooms and choose those that have shelves on both sides so they can also be used as storage.
3. Hanging mirrors will reflect light and make the room look spacious
4. Hang shelves on the wall for storing things. Use shelves up to the ceiling to maximize storage. An efficiency apartment should be decorated vertically and not horizontally
5. Use LCD wall hanging TV
6. The wall’s paint should be white or light in color to make the space appear bigger, and make sure you let in ample light into the room
7. Organizers are good investments to keep many things in order
8. Adding artwork or wall decors on the wall and a rug on the floor can add color and life and change the outlook of the room

Compared to luxurious features of expensive apartments with exorbitant rents, the efficiency apartments, with its compact size and small rent, are getting more and more popular among individuals on a tight budget.

So, if you have decided to move in to an efficiency apartment, never think that it is too small and you cannot live in it comfortably. Just use the ideas given above and you can make your apartment look attractive and spacious, and not only live comfortably but also save a lot of money on rent and utility bills.