When To Use Stretch Mark Cream In Pregnancy?

Pregnancy stretch mark is almost an inevitability that comes with pregnancy. While few are lucky to not to get it most others do get them and it makes them seriously worried as stretch mark can hamper your skin beauty seriously. But prevention techniques are there and pregnancy stretch mark cream is the most popular remedy to this highly common problem. However, a lot of people say that you should not use these creams as they do not work. Is their claim true? To understand that, let us first explore what is this pregnancy stretch mark and how they develop.

Development of pregnancy stretch marks

Mothers gain weight rapidly during the pregnancy period. When your body weight will be increasing pretty fast, your skin will also have to expand to support your body expansion. As a result your skin cells have to expand at a rate which they cannot bear. Usually it is the middle layer of your skin, known as dermis to dermatologists, which does the expansion and tears up in the process of trying to do it too fast. This is when you notice pregnancy stretch marks in your body.

How the cream helps

It is true that the creams do not contain anything magical that will reduce your stretch marks overnight. In fact, these creams do not fight against the marks directly. The main task of these creams is to keep your skin moisturized so that it remains soft enough to expand fast and the cells remain intact. If your skin is not moisturized properly then it is very likely that stretch mark will appear at the fastest possible time. Non-moisturized skin also has high concentration of marks as the skin remains brittle and the dermis breaks very easily. Most of the creams contain cocoa butter and Vitamin E as moisturizers.

Some of the creams take a more direct approach and contain ingredients which build more collagen protein in your body. Collagen helps the middle layer to rebuild itself and so you notice visible change your skin condition by using these creams.

When to start using

Usually stretch marks do not appear till the third trimester of pregnancy. But you need to keep your skin sufficiently moisturized to prevent stretch marks and so you should start using the cream as soon as you get pregnant. If you do that then your skin will be healthy when you reach the third trimester and thus you will have an increased chance of being less harmed.

Many say pregnancy is the best thing that may happen to a person’s life. So enjoy these moments without any tension stabbing in the back of your mind. Pregnancy stretch mark is very likely to appear but it is even more likely that you will get rid of them if you take care of yourself in the right way.