Where Can You Sell Old Cell Phones For More Money

Have you ever wondered what else you can do with unused old cell phones, other than throwing them in the garbage? Do you know that the cell phones in landfills introduce poisonous contaminants into the environment making it unhealthy for the present and future habitats?  So what do you do with your old cell phone? SIMPLY SELL YOUR CELL PHONE FOR CASH!!! 

If you have old cell phones in your house, collect them and sell them to They pay cash for any brand of old unused cell phones.  The process is very easy:

  • Find your phone
  • Ship the phone
  • Wait for your cash

Easy isn’t it? Just go through their phone listing page to find the make, model and current pricing. The company sends you a post paid box in which you pack your cell phones and ship it to them. And once it reaches them, you receive cash within 30 days.

With new models of cell phones being introduced in the market, people often upgrade their phones, throwing away the old ones without realizing that they can actually get paid for it. I had an old Blackberry phone which I wanted to sell. I tried a number of online stores, but I was not satisfied with their pricing. It was only in that I received a fairly good price and the process was really fast. So I made some extra cash out of a mobile that I would have just kept in my desk., America’s original wireless recycler, was established in January 2004 and today, plays a very important part in protecting the environment against the harmful impact of electronic waste. They buy more than 500 brands of cell phones, increasing its lifecycle and keeping it out of landfills.

Do you dream of buying an iPhone 5, but can’t afford it? If you have an old iPhone 4S, you can sell it at and get paid. The company pays nearly $300 for such model and nearly $150 for iPhone 4G. Isn’t that a good deal? Now just add a few extra cash and you can already buy your iPhone 5.

An estimated 140 million cell phones are discarded every year that can be dangerous to the environment because it causes leakage of poisonous substances. In this era of Green Revolution, buying and selling of old phones extends the life of these phones through re-marketing thus indirectly reducing the need to purchase new phones and also protecting the environment, by means of effective recycling. provides an easy and fast environment friendly solution to unused and junked cell phones.  So if you want to help protect our environment, just find all your old cell phones and sell them to Selling your old mobiles is profitable and space saving too.