Where To Buy Tragus Earrings And Choosing The Right Jewelry For You

Ear piercings are as old as times and the modern era brought some changes in how people view and wear earrings. Numerous people, especially females, choose to get their ears pierced so they can wear beautiful earrings and express themselves with the help of jewelry. Beside the common lobe ear piercings some edgier trends surfaced over the past years and the young generation opted for these.

The anti-tragus and tragus piercings are the most popular ones at the moment, and this comes as no surprise. The anti-tragus piercings, for example, are a unique way of showing off your personality and chic style, but are less common than tragus piercings due to sensitivity of the area that needs to be pierced.

The anti-tragus spot is a cartilage outside the ear and often too small to be pierced, however sometimes micro earrings are used. The most commonly encountered anti-tragus piercing are the ball closure rings, but for a fast healing of such a delicate area the curved barbell is the recommended jewelry. The tragus piercings allow more diversity and are worn by anyone from teens to celebrities.

These earrings are also easier to put on and are not only worn only by females: both guys and girls have been spotted wearing tragus earrings. The materials differ and depend on each person’s individual style. These earrings can be made of diamonds or any other gem stones, gold or even plastic and have made a definitive comeback. Tragus piercings can take many shapes and the most commonly seen are the hoop earrings and the studs.

Gemstone studs are suitable to anyone who wants to make a fashion statement and look extravagant or glamorous. This type of tragus earrings are celebrities’ favorites, this establishing them as a solid trend all over the world. Teens and young people in general opt for metal or plastic and these earrings are an important part of the punk and grunge scene.

Numerous people choose elaborate designs including multi colored crystals and various shapes such as hearts or flowers. The recommended metals to be used in tragus piercings are either silver or stainless steel. The silver fastens up the healing process and is more subtle looking, while steel is generally preferred by males who want to achieve the rock star look.

Some Helpful tips on Where to Buy Tragus Earrings

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to picking tragus piercing jewelry.

However, with all the options there are, pretty much every piece of tragus piercing jewelry can be sorted into one of two groups – straight and circular.

Straight : Straight pieces of jewelry are ideal for a tragus piercing. A straight piece of piercing jewelry can be a barbell, a labret stud or even just a regular earring stud. The effect of a straight piece of jewelry in the tragus is similar to that of an earring stud in the ear lobe as it places the decorative part of the jewelry to the front and centre of the tragus piercing, leaving the rest of the jewelry hidden by the tragus and generally invisible. This is an attractive and delicate look. The following are examples of straight pieces of piercing jewelry.

Straight (Barbells)Barbells are a straight pole with a ball on each end. Typically one of the beads is permanently fixed to the pole while the other can be screwed on and off. These barbells are quite commonly seen in tragus piercings.

They come in various lengths and gauges but the typical gauge of a barbell for a tragus piercing is a 16 gauge which is 1.2mm in thickness. The best length of a barbell for a tragus piercing is on average 5/16” or 7.9mm.

Tragus Piercing Barbell

Straight (Labret Studs): Labret (pronounced LAY-bret) studs are similar to barbells as they are a straight pole which can be found in the same range of gauges, lengths, colours and materials. The difference between labret studs and barbells however is that instead of a fixed bead at one end, the bar has a flat back plate.

Tragus Piercing Stud

Circular (Captive Bead Rings) : Captive bead rings are another popular piece of jewelry for the tragus piercing. They are often used as the initial jewelry for the first few months after piercing while the tragus is healing.

Tragus Piercing Captive Bead Ring

Circular (Circular Barbell)Circular barbells are just like normal barbells – a bar with a bead at each end – accept that they are curved into a somewhat horseshoe-like shape. These circular barbells are quite popular for tragus piercings and come in a wide range of colors and materials and can also be customized with different kinds of threaded beads, just like a normal barbell.
Tragus Piercing Curved Barbell

Circular (No Ball Rings) : No ball rings work the same way as captive bead rings except that they are closed by a curved bar piece instead of a ball so that the jewelry appears to be a complete solid ring with no joints or breaks.

Circular (No Ball Rings)



Circular (Spirals) : Spirals are just like barbells except instead of being straight, they are twisted into a spiral

Tragus Piercing Spiral



Before deciding which is the best choice for you, visiting a professional piercing salon is recommended. The anti-tragus earrings require extra care and will take longer to heal, and you will need to have some basic knowledge on how to properly care for your new piercing.

Even tragus piercings take up to one year to fully heal and they cannot be replaced during the healing period. If the cost is something you are paying attention to, metal tragus earrings will not set you back more than $30, while the diamond or gold ones can reach a much higher price.

Piercings, however, are not permanent so once the trend fades you can remove the earring with no damage done as the tissue will grow back covering the hole, most of the times leaving no scar.