Where To Buy Women’s Cargo Pants For The First Time Buyer?

Stop! Before rushing out to buy a cargo pants, don’t you want to know a bit of history about cargo pants?

Cargo pants, traditionally military wear for soldiers, are popular casual pants for women to wear. Characterized by dull colors, loose fit and multiple, large pockets, cargo pants are more practical than stylish. However, women can dress them up many ways. The addition of typically feminine items like high heels, blouses, and simple jewelry can take cargo pants from sporty to dressy in a few steps.

Where to Buy Women’s Cargo Pants?

You can find women’s cargo pants in a variety of styles – from cargo capri pants to cropped pants and shorts, from colors like classic khaki to black, olive green to denim blue, white and even pink! Also choose between convenient features such as drawstring or rib waist.

Most fitted cargo pants are versatile and can be worn with tees, blouses, sweaters, and even different footwear styles such as heeled pumps and wedge heels! Although they’re never appropriate for the office – they can be styled in multiple ways so that you can wear the pants as a part of your everyday daily or dressier outfit.

6 Types of Women’s Cargo Pants

There are several kinds of cargo pants to choose from, and depends on the consumer’s personal style preferences.

Typically there are 6 different types and we have even found them on Amazon to let you see more pictures of them – we know you are still thinking about where to buy the cargo pants 🙂

Skinny Cargo Pants

Skinny Cargo Pants


Drawstring Cargo Pants


Rib waist cargo pants


How to Get The Ideal Pair of Cargo Pants

When determining the best cargo pants to buy, it’s important to get the right fit. Make all the necessary measurements to get the best cargo pants size. Cargo pants are available in different waist sizes and lengths. 

Length ranges from 29″ to 38″ with increments of one from 29″ to 33″ and increments of two after that. Women’s cargo pants will usually offer shorter lengths. You can also measure inner leg seam, side length, crotch length, front and back rise and leg opening for a better fit. When you buy cargo pants, make the necessary measurements to get pants that will fit you.

A pair of cargo pants should be somewhat loose-fitted enough to give a little breathing space around your crotch. They don’t need to be loose around the legs. Though, these days you can even find cargo pants with a slim and tapered leg.

I’d definitely get one pair in a classic, play & wreck style – that may be worn for active outings or if you wish to create a combination of casual-cool and classy (think cargos with a basic tee and thong sandals). But I would not go overboard with the baggy cut.

If you are not that much outside of the house (meaning: out hiking, fishing by the lake, etc.) – then get a pair of slim fitted (fit snugly around the hips/butt and straight at the legs) cargo pants in green or khaki/beige. They look extremely chic with a pair of heels and a silk blouse or a loose-fitted white shirt. 

You can find cargo pants with different leg types like wide leg (very outdated, personally, but are perfect for backpacking or camping out) as well as skinny leg (the more up-to-date version of casual pants). However, the most flattering cut is the straight leg as wider hems make you look wider and stumpier because of the boxy fabric (and not least the pockets!)

If you have an Inverted Triangle or Rectangle body shape then you’ve got a head start on these because they balance out your body figure and create curves on your slim hips.

When to Wear Cargo Pants

Comfortable and relaxed, cargo pants are best for wear in casual situations. While not a suitable choice for the workplace, different kinds of cargo pants can work for different situations. For wearing at home or to quick shopping trips, slouchy fits are acceptable, as are shorts. Active outings benefit from comfortable straight cuts that fit well but remain loose enough to allow movement.

Dark colored pants are more sombre and can befit semi-casual events as long as they are well-fitting. Bright-colored skinny or slim-fitted pants are good choices for more fashionable looks that can dazzle with the right styling and accessories.

What to Wear with Cargo Pants

Sometime, you need to get-out of skinny jeans and dress comfortable cargo pants for a casual outfit which is comfortable and classy. But what can you wear with cargo pants to look classy, trendy and stylish?

The trick to making cargo pants work for different occasions is to style them accordingly. Simply switching the top from a T-shirt to a dressy blouse and the shoes from sneakers to high heels can completely turn around a look from cool and casual to stylish and chic.

Tops (T-shirts)


The easiest way ladies can wear cargo pants is by pairing them with t-shirts. T-shirts are the best options for relaxed, everyday wear. Cargo pants are easy to match with t-shirts especially those in neutral, primary and natural colors such as white, black, grey, and cream, among others.

Choose a nice pair of cargo pants and pair it with a fitted nice tee in neutral or primary colors. Tuck-in the tee and belt the cargo pants with a thin leather belt that matches with the color of your shoes for neat and smart apparel.

Make the outfit look more feminine by accessorizing with a simple cute necklace, earrings and a few bracelets. Finish the attire with Nude Pumps that will complement the tone of your skin making the attire look more attractive and stunning on you.

Tops (Tanks)


Try wearing your cut women’s cargo pants with tanks in white, grey or black color. These are neutral colors which will definitely match with almost all colors of cargo pants for women. Don’t tuck-in the tank to make the getup look easy and more casual.

Throw on a matching cardigan or jacket and a few accessories like necklace, armlets and earrings. Finish the getup with High Heel Booties or High Heel Pumps and you will be good to go.

Shoes (Sandals, Boots, Pumps, Flip-flops or Flats)


For ultimate comfort, nothing beats sneakers and converse. A simple pair of wedge sandals does wonders to reduce the tomboyishness of a look, while high heels take the whole look up a notch. Slim stilettos stand out when paired with skinny cargo pants, and wedges flatter capris and straight cuts.

Shoes in funky prints look best with simple, unpatterned pants and tops. Ankle boots are also a great way to spice up cargo pants.

Try sandals such as; Merritta Zip-Front Black Sandal, Janis’ platform sandal, Nova seta calf black sandal, or Brown Leather Chloe Sandals. 

Accessories (sunglasses, hats, bracelet, earrings, necklace, armlets) that go with cargo pants


Since cargo pants are more eye-catching than regular pants or jeans, they do not need many accessories. Still, a few embellishments can help complete an outfit and make it look more presentable. Scarves are a great way to add a few layers in colder seasons; a bold print can complement neutral tops and jackets. Sunglasses and hats are must-haves for all kinds of casual wear.

Belts in fun colors and prints stand out against dark cargo pants. In general, jewelry is not a necessity when wearing cargo pants, but a chunky metal bracelet or a long chain over a simple top can add sparkle to the look without making it feel too busy.

You can accessorize with bulky armlets, cute earrings and a short cute necklace. Close off with dark sunnies to leave every person you pass by with the desire to know who you are! Done, you’re now good to go and rock them with a clubby casual outfit in cargo pants for ladies.

Shop Women’s Cargo Pants

We have collected few from to get you started. Check out our cargo pants guide below to narrow down the kind of cargo pants you are looking for.

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ImageCargo PantsMakerMaterial
Zumba Fitness LLC Feelin' It Cargo PantZumba Fitness LLC Feelin' It Cargo PantZumba Fitness100% Nylon
Calvin Klein Performance Women's Rib Waistband Convertible Cargo Capri 22 Inch InseamCalvin Klein Performance Women's Rib Waistband Convertible Cargo Capri 22 Inch InseamCalvin Klein Performance100% Cotton
Calvin Klein Performance Women's Roll Waist CargoCalvin Klein Performance Women's Roll Waist CargoCalvin Klein Performance100% Cotton
Calvin Klein Performance Women's Cargo Capri 22 Inch InseamCalvin Klein Performance Women's Cargo Capri 22 Inch Inseam, Bisque, X-SmallCalvin Klein Performance100% Cotton Poplin
prAna Women's Short Inseam Monarch Convertible PantprAna Women's Short Inseam Monarch Convertible PantprAna97% Nylon 3% Spandex
Zumba Women's Fitness LLC Feelin It Cargo CapriZumba Women's Fitness LLC Feelin It Cargo CapriZumba Fitness100% Nylon
Nautica Women's Premium Colored Denim Skinny Jeans2B Challis Cargo Pant2b by bebeRayon
Match Petite Ladies Juniors Slim Fit Cargo Pants Outdoor Camping N' Hiking #2032Match Petite Ladies Juniors Slim Fit Cargo Pants Outdoor Camping N' Hiking #2032Match100% cotton (no stretch)