Womens Adidas Basketball Shoes: Adidas Women’s Team Feather Review

Adidas women’s team feather is a lightweight basketball shoe designed specifically for women. This is a shoe which has a good price, is very comfortable and looks pretty cool. These shoes are offered in three different colors- running white, black and metallic silver. This shoe has interchangeable color cards for the side stripes which allows for customizing looks anytime. The lightweight EVA insole and midsole provides great comfort. The rubber outsole ensures durability for this shoe. And if you are looking for great traction (you are supposed to look for it as you are playing basketball) then this shoe is going to be a good choice as the herringbone pattern gives this one excellent traction. Another important feature is that this shoe has feathered construction which aids in multidirectional movement.

In general this shoe has received very favorable customer reviews at Among the 8 reviews, 3 gave this shoe a 5 star rating and 4 gave it a 4 star rating while only one person thought this shoe is substandard and gave it a 2 star. However, he did not complain about quality but the color of the shoe. Just continue reading to know what people think of this shoe. Reviews at Amazon are highly trusted by everyone and they say a lot of truth about the product.

What the reviews say

Reviews are always great to learn about the product, especially when you are getting the review form a trusted source like Let us look at what the customers are saying about this product at Amazon.

One customer said that these shoes seem to be the one which they needed for their daughter. Another person is ecstatic about this shoe and said that his daughter performed very well in every game with this shoe! Similarly another person added that his daughter seems to have picked up her game after starting to use this shoe. Some other indicated that this shoe is just what is expected from Adidas. The color insert also seems super fine to him.

Nothing is free of criticism and this shoe cannot and is not free of that. One person complained that this shoe is not available in any color which is suitable for young kids while another complained that the color choices for the inserts are not available and this is a bother. However no one complains about the shoe quality and so you can be sure that it is a good shoe and will serve you very well for a good period of time.